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At present, there are various regulations on the installation of natural gas stations and the maintenance of high-pressure tanks in Japan, which hinders the introduction of CNG. A review of related regulations has been initiated, and a ground is being created to promote the spread of NGVs in Japan as well. Although the installation of natural gas stations is not progressing, if gnv is introduced as a bi-fuel vehicle that can run on petrol, the problem of autonomy will be almost solved.

Traditionally, Japan is a country that has made a strong commitment to alternative energy. Being a developed economy and having no oil reserves in its territory, the need to look for alternative means of energy production has encompassed all areas including transport.

Thus, manufacturers such as Toyota or Suzuki, offer their vehicles with CNG and sell more than 100 000 vehicles in the world with CNG equipment already pre-installed

The perceived change in the Government of Japan may allow a greater implementation of CNG refueling stations for sale to the public, especially for heavy transport

In Japan there are currently 176 CNG refuelling stations open to the public, which, being a small country with a high population density, means that the Japanese have a compressed natural gas refuelling station really close by

Map of CNG filling stations in Japan

List of CNG filling stations in Japan

Okazaki Eco Station4-17 Nishikimachi Okazaki City Aichi Prefecture Aichi Prefecture
Suzuka Chuo-dori Eco Station2-2-11 Sanjo Suzuka City Mie Prefecture Mie Prefecture
Eco Station Tokugawa1-11-4 Dekimachi Higashi-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture
Izumiotsu Natural Gas Stand1-32 Shinminatocho Izumiotsu City Osaka Prefecture Osaka Prefecture
Saitama Shiraoka Natural Gas Stand129-1 Shimoosaki Shiraoka City Saitama Prefecture Saitama Prefecture
Sapporo Ryutsu Center SS Natural Gas Stand5-3-30 Ryutsu Center Shiroishi-ku Sapporo Hokkaido
Eco Station Numazu167-1 Nishishiiji Numazu City Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture
Machida Zushi Eco Station181-4 Zushimachi Machida-shi Tokyo Tokyo
Kanazawa Eco Station2-6-6 Sachiura Kanazawa Ward Yokohama City Kanagawa Prefecture
Yukimachi Natural Gas Stand5-13-1 Saiwaicho Miyagino-ku Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture
Wholesale Town Eco Station4-2 Oroshimachi Wakabayashi-ku Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture
Kusatsu Eco Station319 Kinokawa-cho Kusatsu City Shiga Prefecture Shiga Prefecture
Kitanagoya Eco Station79 Higashimuramae Shikata Kitanagoya City
Matsue Minami Eco Station3-17-8 Koshibara Matsue City Shimane Prefecture Shimane Prefecture
Shinagawa Yashio Eco Station36982 Yashio Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
Fuji Hananogi Eco Station646-1 Imaizumi Flower Tree Fuji City Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture
Eco Station in front of MK Kobe Airport8-11-2 Minatojima Chuo-ku Kobe City Hyogo Prefecture
Kobe Bio Gas Station43-3 Uozakihamamachi Higashinada-ku Kobe City Hyogo Prefecture
Samukawa / Tabata Eco Station878-1 Tabata Samukawa-cho Koza-gun Kanagawa Prefecture
Honjo Eco Station5-14-18 Honjo Chuo-ku Kumamoto City Kumamoto Prefecture
US National Highway Fushimi Eco Station72 Shimotoba Minamiyanagi Nagamachi Fushimi-ku Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture
Kawasaki Shiohama Eco Station2-2-1 Shiohama Kawasaki-ku Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa
Seiro Eco Station3-6068-24 Higashiko Seiro-cho Kitakambara-gun Niigata Prefecture
Donggang Eco Station1-3-1 Higashiminato Kokurakita-ku Kitakyushu City Fukuoka Prefecture

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