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HVO 100 Stations in Italy in

HVO 100 Stations in Italy in

Today, great expectations have been placed on biofuels research in Italy, especially on HVO. In the current transition phase towards the decarbonisation of industry, alternative fuels have an important role to play for increasingly sustainable transport.

The HVO biofuel produced by Eni using the patented EcofiningTM technology is the first HVO producer in Italy planned to start its activity shortly, which allows transforming bio-based raw materials into biofuels, is already available at the company's filling station and can be used exclusively with conventional diesel engines approved for its use, allowing to reduce the CO2 eq emissions calculated along the entire "well-to-wheel" chain compared to a conventional fossil fuel.

In recent years, Eni has converted two conventional refineries into biorefineries: the Venice refinery, the first example in the world, and the Gela refinery, helping to transform the refining sector with the aim of generating renewable energy products from waste or biomass for more sustainable mobility.

In Italy there is currently one service station offering HVO for consumption, but in this case it is for private use. However, the company ENI, among others, already has plans for the installation of service stations offering HVO100.

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