Hydrogen Stations in cuba, Map and List

Hydrogen Stations in cuba in

Hydrogen Stations in cuba in

According to the Cuban News Agency, the Center for the Study of Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER) of the José Antonio Echeverría Higher Polytechnic Institute of Cuba has begun studies for the application of hydrogen as an energy source.

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in the universe. Stars, such as our Sun, are formed mainly of this gas, which can also take liquid state. Hydrogen is very powerful: it has three times more energy than gasoline. But, unlike gasoline, it is a clean source of energy, since it only releases water (H2O), in the form of steam, and does not produce carbon dioxide (CO2).

In late 2020, seven international companies developing green hydrogen projects launched the Green Hydrogen Catapult initiative as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's Race to Zero campaign. This global coalition formed by Saudi clean energy group ACWA Power, Australian developer CWP Renewables, Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Envision, European energy giants Iberdrola and Ørsted, Italian gas group Snam and Norwegian fertilizer producer Yara, is seeking a 50-fold increase in the industry over the next six years.

It also aims to halve the current cost of renewable hydrogen to less than US$2 per kilogram. A report published in August 2020 by energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie suggests they are on track: the report estimates that costs will fall by as much as 64% over the next decade.

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