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The use of LPG in Brazil began in 1937, when Austrian immigrant Ernesto Igel bought 6,000 bottles of propane gas, used to bottle fuel for aircraft, and began selling the product for cooking through the Empreza Brazileira de Gaz a Domicílio. At that time, most of the population used wood-burning cookers. In 1938, the use of LPG began to spread and the National Petroleum Council (CNP) was created, establishing the activities related to the national supply of oil and its by-products. When Petrobras began to produce LPG in 1955, the distribution of LPG was boosted.

From 1954 to 1990, the pricing policy for LPG and other energy sources considered a priority, whether for inflationary reasons or for reasons related to market needs, was marked by government intervention, based on the standardisation of prices throughout Brazil, through cross-subsidies to transport and to the product itself. This policy has proven to be very effective for a universal use of LPG, favouring the consumption of the product in the poorest and most remote areas of Brazil. Thanks to this policy, LPG has reached 100% of Brazilian municipalities and more than 91% of families.

Today the market is free, where distributors operate competitively, a fact that benefits the consumer, who has the power to choose which one to buy with.

The price of automotive LPG in Brazil is not known since its use for this application is not considered in Brazilian regulations.

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