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From 7 December 2020 onwards there will be a European obligation to display a fuel price comparison at filling stations. The purpose of this fuel price comparison is to inform the consumer about the different types of fuels and their prices.

Most Dutch people currently drive on traditional fuels. By using these fuels cars emit greenhouse gases. There are more and more affordable cars on the market which emit less or no greenhouse gases while driving. These cars can run on LPG, a so-called alternative fuel. The price comparison at filling stations gives an indication of the price of these fuels per 100 kilometres. In this way, the Dutch government wants to help ensure that alternative fuels are taken into account when choosing a new car.

At filling stations the price of LPG per 100 kilometres will be indicated. This price is calculated on the basis of the consumption of the 3 best-selling new cars among LPG users in the past calendar year.

Fuels are divided into 2 categories in the fuel price comparison: green fuels in green and fossil fuels in blue. In the Netherlands almost all LPG filling stations supply green gas. This is the sustainable variant of LPG.

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The average price of LPG Autogas in Netherlands in is


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