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Despite the growing popularity of other vehicles in the Czech Republic, LPG still dominates among alternative fuels. The range of ex-factory models has grown, but the majority of autogas cars are still being built with retrofitted petrol engines. In total, including new vehicle registrations, almost 3,000 LPG vehicles were added in the Czech Republic in the first half of this year, putting autogas in first place ahead of other alternative mobility options. In addition, Czech filling stations are increasingly selling BioLPG, which means an even greater improvement in pollutant emissions.

According to the Czech LPG Association (ČALPG), some 170,000 vehicles run on LPG in the country and sales are growing, according to the Society of Automobile Importers (SDA). Added to this is a dense network of LPG outlets, of which there are almost a thousand, either within normal filling stations or separately.

According to the study "BioLPG: A Renewable Pathway Towards 2050", recently published by the Czech LPG Association, LPG has hardly any pollutant emissions. The carbon footprint of LPG is significantly lower than that of diesel (-23%) and petrol (-21%) in terms of the entire life cycle of the fuel. However, according to the CNM NAP, even this may not be sufficient in the future. This is why the production of bioLPG, which comes from renewable sources and, depending on the production technology, can have up to 80% lower emissions compared to conventional fossil LPG, is being launched.

In the Czech Republic there are currently 830 filling stations offering LPG for sale to the public, a network that reaches every location in the country.

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List of LPG stations in Czech Republic

OMVPraha 3 - Žizkov, Jana Želivského 113Praha
MaxigasU červeného mlýnaBrno
TescoNovinářská 6aOstrava
TomegasRokycanská 102Plzeň
PrimLondýnská 560/43Liberec
ShellPasteurova 16Olomouc
TomegasRudolfovská 247/85České Budějovice
Profer plusNa RybárněHradec Králové
Tank ONODobkovice 130 Ústí nad Labem
PB TransPardubice, HradeckáPardubice
Alitronareál Svit-Rybníky IIIZlín
KSG FullgasKaňovice 91Havířov
Robin OilLibušina 172Kladno
Robin OilČepirožskáMost
AutogasKrnovská 691/169Opava

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