Subaru Outback LPG Propane

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I admit it, I have a weakness for Subaru. Ever since the Spaniard Carlos Sainz and the Scotsman Colin McRae with the Subaru Impreza starred in one of the most exciting rivalries only equaled in my memory by the Lancia Delta Integrale with the magnificent Massimo Biasion and Juha Kankkunen. Since then the Subaru Impreza has been one of my fetish cars, and the brand one of my weaknesses.

Just listening to the boxer engine, famous for its reliability and performance, and also of course for its unique layout that has given so many headaches to the less experienced mechanics, just listening to it, it is understood that we are dealing with a different engine, a different car... a different concept.

But of course, a quasi-racing engine requires a fuel consumption to match, and this is where Subaru's intelligence comes into play... We use LPG and the driver saves on aspirin when he goes to fill the tank. Thank you Subaru for taking care of my health. And not just for the aspirin, but for the reduced LPG emissions that help us breathe easier.

As always in the versions that can run on LPG keeps the gasoline system intact, adding the possibility of using gas as fuel, doubling the autonomy of the vehicle without reducing the capabilities of the same. Which are already very promising with its 175 hp for a family car that makes you feel like in a sports car.


It will not be the cheapest car in the range to which you can aspire, but it is a wonder whichever way you look at it. On the road it is comfortable and stable even when it is a model with height and these side wind usually shake them, the city is not its natural habitat, because of its length and dimensions but it is not a model with much expenditure in LPG and that makes it an SUV.

Android Auto, Harman sound, Start-Stop, rear camera, lane change warning ... honestly do not know what more you can ask this model from the point of view of equipment and interiors. It is spacious, familiar, good trunk, climate control.

If your budget is somewhat higher than average and you forget the brand names you can see that this model is superior to many versions of the Audi A4, and even equates to the Mercedes C class or BMW 3 series. It is a tremendous car that will not disappoint anyone.

  • Power: 175 hp
  • Fuel: Gasoline + LPG
  • Start-Stop system
  • Petrol Boxer engine, 4-cylinder, DOHC 16-valve LPG
  • 2498 cm3
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Length: 4.82 meters
  • 5 seats
  • Mixed fuel consumption WLTP Gasoline: 8.6 l/100 km
  • Mixed Fuel Consumption WLTP LPG: 9.8* l/100 km
  • Price: From 32400 €

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