List of lexus models with LPG for sale

    Lexus, the best-selling premium car brand in Japan, is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota Motor Corporation. The history of Lexus comes from a secret sedan project, a challenge launched by founder Eiji Toyoda to create the best car in the world. This led Toyota to start a secret project in 1983 that was dubbed "Flagship One".

    The finished product of the F1 project came six years later, in 1989. It was the Lexus LS 400, which was developed with the aim of diversifying the Toyota product line to establish a solid position. In the premium segment and a high-end product. It will be offered to both new and long-term customers. Although Lexus was introduced for the first time in 1989, it did not exist until 2005 as a brand in the global vehicle market.

    The range of cars with LPG Autogas offered by the lexus brand in UK has been extended with the approval of equipment to retrofit their cars:

    Double Autonomy (Gasoline + LPG)
    Double Autonomy

    A new LPG Model of vehicle usually maintains the same gasoline system as the traditional version incorporating the LPG / CNG equipment

    Similar Price

    the LPG Vehicle has a price slightly higher than the gasoline version but lower than the diesel version

    Economic Savings

    Although it can be established that operating in LPG mode the vehicle consumes a little more than gasoline, the price of fuel has a saving of more than 30%

    immediate recharge similar to gasoline

    The refilling from the supplier is carried out in a time comparable to that necessary for refueling gasoline. The system is, likewise, very simple and comfortable.

    Maintenance savings due to cleaner fuel

    Being a cleaner system, catalytic converters, filters, "adblues" are eliminated, which reduces the possibility of mechanical breakdowns. Thus, for example, the service life of the oil increases with what it means for motor care

    No Restrictions in Cities or on days of prohibition

    The first cities begin to limit the access of diesel vehicles, in their restrictive regulations vehicles with LPG have access advantages


    Today there is a wide range of car makers offering lpg versions for their cars in Europe , just for one simple reason:

    There are more than 15 million of cars running on lpg on european streets not a small market for car producers

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  • 07/24/2018 Lexus RC 300h, unique combination

    The Lexus RC 300h is a coupe of 4.70 meters in whose design the manufacturer has given the best. Spectacular from all angles, the Japanese model, derived from the IS sedan, is made of high quality materials, so much so that it can also compete on equal terms with its similar European premium. This point is noticeable not only for its interior or for its meticulous design, but also for its impeccable handling that is a delight. The mechanical problems that a derivative of train of total power of 223 hp, with a gasoline engine of 2.5 liters, of four cylinders, 181 hp, joined to another electrical of 143 CV (it is necessary to remember that in the hybrids the total power it is not the direct sum of the power of your engines). They are associated with a continuously variable CVT gearbox with the possibility of sequential manipulation of six prefixed ratios with the paddles on the steering wheel. The nickel-metal hydride batteries are charged from a generator (not through an exterior door exit) and can move the car without spending gasoline. The good work done by the moderate consumption of gasoline, accredits an average of 4.9 liters per 100 km (we discharge more than a liter in our tests) and performances that are not bad at all given that the weight is approximately 1800 kg. From zero to one hundred in 8.6 seconds and a maximum speed reach well to the 190 km / h of electronic self-limitation.

    The rear drive brings a certain sportiness to the steering wheel, sensations that can be modified with the driving mode selector (Eco, Normal, Snow and Sport) that involves all the involved devices to create different profiles. As our test unit has the special equipment F Sport, which are added two more radical modes (Sport S and Sport S +), which modify the reactions of the car to make it more direct and explosive, as well as to put an adaptive suspension . Variable 19-inch tires, a system that amplifies exhaust noise through the speakers and various external and internal accessories. During the operation, a computer optimizes the work of the two propellers, according to the selected profile and, if the batteries are charged, it is possible to travel a few kilometers in electric mode, as we indicated. When you start working with the engine (gasoline), you hear very little inside and it is assumed that the propulsion is not too strong, considering the appearance of the vehicle. Anyway, we quickly get used to his touch, which, on the other hand, is excellent (a bit underweight by the weight on the front), very safe and with a configuration, especially in the most sporty and exquisite modes. It is easy to take high rhythms on the road and the slow sections are approved with a note and it is not a pure sport. The Lexus RC 300h is a very special vehicle. It has a very fun side that also allows you to travel kilometers without having to frequently visit the gas station. And all this with the very attractive coupé aura that leaves no one indifferent.