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Although it is commonly called "transformation of a car to LPG" the installation in a vehicle is done by maintaining the gasoline fuel system, adding the LPG autogas system, so that it is always possible to work alternately with one or another fuel (gasoline and LPG, which are also called "Bi-Fuel")

The installation of the entire system needed to consume LPG as fuel in our car is simple, since the amount of components that are installed in the car is low, so the chances of failure or malfunction are rare.

  • LPG fueling installations have been in place for decades and started with carburetion engines where the volume of LPG entering the combustion chamber was similar to the volume of gasoline it replaced, so having the LPG lower heating capacity resulted in those cars developing lower power using LPG than using gasoline
  • With the introduction of electronic injection systems in cars, both indirect injection and the most modern direct injection, this problem was corrected by increasing the volume of LPG that was introduced into the combustion chamber when compared with equivalent gasoline
  • Therefore, the same engine using LPG will consume a slightly higher volume, around 10%, than the volume of gasoline that can consume to develop the same power. In any case, with the difference in price and emissions between one fuel and another, the use of LPG is highly advantageous both economically and ecologically.


Equipment may vary depending on the installation required, but in general they have the following common elements to all types:

  • 1.- LPG inlet: The LPG inlet is the only part of the installation that can be accessed from the outside and that allows filling the LPG fuel tank comfortably and safely.
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  • 2.- Tank: The toroidal or cylindrical tank stores the LPG in liquid state at a pressure of between 3 and 8 bar. It has a safety valve that would allow the output of LPG at 20 bar. In similar tests, it is known that they can withstand pressures greater than 120 bar.
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  • 3.- Multi-valve: The multi-valve located in the tank allows the passage of LPG in both directions and provides us with a level of filling of the tank itself. lpg-conversion
  • 4.- LPG Filter: The Filter cleans the LPG gas needed for optimal operation and protects the injectors against fuel impurities lpg-conversion
  • 5.- Vaporizer: The Vaporizer for LPG gas has the dual function of ensuring that the liquid LPG is completely vaporized and reducing the gas pressure to levels of use in the vehicle's engine. lpg-conversion
  • 6.- Injectors: LPG Injectors provide the engine with the right amount of LPG controlled by the switchboard. There are many types of installation, but in most cases you choose to install dedicated LPG injectors and not use them with gasoline. lpg-conversion
  • 7.- Electronic Switchboard: The switchboard controls the injection of LPG gas into the combustion chamber based on the engine maps preloaded in it lpg-conversion
  • 8.- Switch: The Switch makes it easy to change the fuel to be used at will, as well as indicating the level of LPG in the tank. lpg-conversion

LPG installations typically have a 2-year, 3-year warranty in some cases, depending on the distributor. This guarantee is provided by the manufacturer and usually covers the possible parts affected, i.e. the combustion chamber, valves, cylinders,... which will be the only thing that can be in contact with the LPG Autogas


A car with LPG enjoys double autonomy because it works with LPG and always has at your disposal to use the car in petrol mode at will

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