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Heralded by Iveco as "the most technologically advanced vehicle available," Stralis stuttered in its infancy before catching up to its competitors with better build quality and improved reliability. In 2017 Iveco unveiled its NP (natural power) range using compressed or liquefied natural gas to fuel its engines. Options include a 270, 300 and 300hp version, a 400hp version followed by the latest and most powerful 460hp.

Within 12 months of the launch, Iveco became the first Western truck manufacturer to make its new 16-speed ZF automated gearbox, called "EuroTronic", standard on the Stralis range. For Euro-6 the EuroTronic name was initially retained, but in 2016 Iveco used the ZF development and renamed the gearbox; Hi-Tronix, which also brought Hi-Cruise, Iveco's predictive cruise control system that uses GPS to make proactive gear changes and initiate eco-rolling.

What made Stralis different was a new multiplexed wiring system to control electrical components that allows it to do faster and more reliable "fault diagnosis". Iveco switched to electronically controlled disc brakes plus traction control system as standard. Iveco has continually added to its list of safety and "driving assistance" features with electronic braking and brake assist systems, electronic stability program and hill-hold to prevent the vehicle from rolling back after releasing the brake pedal.

In advance Iveco Stralis represents a decent deal; across the range the price is competitive. Like any other competitor, if you add the extras the price will rise accordingly. And this is where you have to question what you want and what you need. Despite being an equal to its competitors in the market in terms of technology and performance it has a poor perception of the market and the prices reflect this. Although expensive, CNG/LNG powered engines also help reduce daily running costs. Gas is cheaper, cleaner and equals diesel in performance and does not require AdBlue.


The current warranty for the new diesel and gas Stralis is a full one-year warranty, plus a one-year warranty for the transmission.

The Stralis was a big improvement over what came before, but poor build quality meant that its impact was not a big leap forward that the Italians had hoped to achieve.

Iveco's Stralis was a big improvement over what came before, but poor build quality meant that its impact was not the great leap forward that the Italians had hoped to achieve. This led to poor market perception and although it is competitively priced in the showroom, Stralis still struggles with that image demonstrated by rapid depreciation.

However, if you put a decision-maker behind the wheel, he or she will quickly realize that Stralis is a good, solid and versatile choice thanks to a powerful engine lineup, complemented by the option of Natural Gas Vehicle, a smart transmission and a quiet, comfortable cab.

  • Power: 460 hp
  • Fuel: CNG
  • 16 speed ZF gearbox
  • Iveco Cursor 13 NP
  • 12900 cm3
  • Warranty up to 2 years
  • Warranty up to 2 years
  • Length: -- meters
  • Autonomy up to 1000 kms
  • Autonomy up to 1000 kms
  • Mixed fuel consumption WLTP Diesel XP480: 32 l/100 km
  • Consumption Mixed WLTP CNG: 27.7 Kg/100 km
  • Price: From -- €

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