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Toyota is already a world leader in the hybrid car, a type of car that has sold more than 14 million units worldwide since the launch of the first Prius in 1988. In addition to this, the plug-in hybrid, although not offered commercially in Spain due to the low demand for these vehicles in the domestic market, is available worldwide. And it also has, for years, the hydrogen technology with the Mirai model of which has sold 10,000 units worldwide.

Toyota's commitment to this technology is reinforced by the successor to the current Mirai, with a more "normal" style. The Mirai currently on sale is a vehicle with a very special aesthetic, very striking, with a rear with many edges, a strange car. Well, with the new model, at the moment as a prototype, comes a much nicer vehicle, closer to the normal models. If its front still looks a little different, in its rear we find lines of a modern saloon, but at the same time traditional.

According to the brand, it increases the range of the vehicle, which runs only on hydrogen. The interior is also completely new, with a more technological driving position that includes a digital instrument panel, a large head-up display that projects data onto the windshield and a 12.3-inch touch screen on the center console.

The new Mirai has a more elegant image, closer to Lexus than to Toyota. Because the current Mirai has an air that's closer to the Prius, with futuristic features. But the new Mirai is a sleeker, larger sedan with a strong technological feel, especially in an interior that features a large 12.3-inch touch screen in the centre of the console, which is linked to a fully digital dashboard with an eight-inch screen.

Aesthetically, the Mirai does not leave anyone indifferent to seeing it on the street. On the outside, it offers an image inspired by the future of mobility, clearly reflecting its cutting-edge technology and highlighting its originality. Especially on the front side with the two corners in a very striking way. As on the outside, the interior design of the Mirai also exudes innovation on all four sides. From the instrument panel to the various controls of the vehicle, including the seats, which are also different, with an armchair style

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