New dfsk LPG Car Models

    The acronym DFSK stands for Dong Feng Sokon Motors, the alliance of Dong Feng Group, the tenth largest automotive group in the world and the second largest group in China, and Sokon Industries, a manufacturer of engines and auxiliary components. DFSK is present in 60 countries, in demanding markets such as the USA. UU., Russia, Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, among others), Asia and South America, where they are leaders in several countries. In Spain, the brand sells two series of work vehicles: the K series, compact vehicles but with a large load capacity, with 1.3 engines of 83 HP; and the C series, with propellers of 1.5 liters of power of 100 HP.

    The former are mainly oriented to public and municipal works, such as gardening, garbage collection or high pressure cleaning. The C series is the so-called last mile distribution, with delivery vans (load of 5 m3 and 900 kg), isotherms or refrigerators. among other organizations. The last mile is the name given to the final process of delivering the order from an online store to your buyer. This step, which is the time that the package leaves the last point of distribution (warehouse, store, distribution center ...) to the delivery point, is the last of the entire distribution chain and the most fundamental and problematic. It is almost always done in urban areas, with significant mobility problems. The DFSK, with a range in which 60% can be run on LPG are recognized ECO tag due to its low emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particles that can free flow through city centers for traffic periods restrictions due to heavy pollution. To this is added an excellent performance of the engine, better lubricated and without loss of power, and a saving of 40% in gasoline and 30% in the diesel account.

    The list of New LPG factory fitted Models of Cars for sale in Europe is growing continuously, more and more brands offer versions of their cars incorporating LPG which is enhanced by the advantages:

    Double Autonomy

    A new LPG Model of vehicle usually maintains the same gasoline system as the traditional version incorporating the LPG / CNG equipment

    Similar Price

    the LPG Vehicle has a price slightly higher than the gasoline version but lower than the diesel version

    Economic Savings

    Although it can be established that operating in LPG mode the vehicle consumes a little more than gasoline, the price of fuel has a saving of more than 30%

    immediate recharge similar to gasoline

    The refilling from the supplier is carried out in a time comparable to that necessary for refueling gasoline. The system is, likewise, very simple and comfortable.

    Maintenance savings due to cleaner fuel

    Being a cleaner system, catalytic converters, filters, "adblues" are eliminated, which reduces the possibility of mechanical breakdowns. Thus, for example, the service life of the oil increases with what it means for motor care

    No Restrictions in Cities or on days of prohibition

    The first cities begin to limit the access of diesel vehicles, in their restrictive regulations vehicles with LPG have access advantages


    Today there is a wide range of car makers offering lpg versions for their cars in Europe , just for one simple reason:

    There are more than 15 million of cars running on lpg on european streets not a small market for car producers

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  • 07/20/2018 Bugatti Chiron Mileage Revealed - Better than the Veyron in every way?

    The Bugatti Chiron is the most powerful production car in the world currently on sale. With a 2.0-liter four-cylinder W16 engine that produces 1479 hp and 1600 Nm of torque, the Chiron can launch the 0-100 km / h sprint in less than 2.5 seconds and has a maximum speed limit of 420 km / h. h (limited for security reasons). However, like all other cars in the world, Chiron must go through tests that determine its fuel economy and emission figures to prepare it for the different markets in which it is sold. Such proof revealed the power of Bugatti. mileage.

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency finally published the Chiron mileage figures according to the Agency's test criteria. The Chiron returned a combined mileage of 11 miles per gallon (MPG), which translates to an average 9mpg 4.67kpl (3.82kpl) in the city and 14mpg (5.95kpl) on the highway.

    The Chiron is equipped with a 100-liter fuel tank that, at its maximum speed of 420 km / h, empties in just 9 minutes. The fact that Chiron prefers high-octane fuel (98 octane) should make it the favorite of all service stations in its vicinity.

    Despite its rather poor fuel economy figures, the Chiron is actually more economical than its predecessor, the Bugatti Veyron, which returns 10mpg (4.25kpl). The Bugatti Chiron is that less fuel does not bother the owners so much Chiron since the hypercars French manufacturer says that the average Bugatti customer has about 84 cars, 3 jets and 1 yacht. With collections like this, most Chirons will end up being low-mileage museum pieces for special occasions, which is a real shame.

    The ability to adapt the engine to the consumption of LPG will always be available, as well as the awareness of taking another step towards the preservation of the planet.