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There are also other forms of emission-free mobility. One is the Nikola Motor Company, which was founded in 2014 in Salt Lake City and now has its headquarters in Phoenix. In response to the broad interest of European customers, Nikola Motor Company has developed a hydrogen electric truck specifically for European markets.

With the new Nikola Tre, Nikola Motor Company now wants to develop the European market. The Nikola hydrogen powered truck has zero emission and seems to have solved the autonomy problem. The truck has a range of up to 1,200 kilometres and a planned network of 700 hydrogen filling stations throughout the area by 2030 should ensure that the fuel does not run out.

"This truck is a real attraction for Europe and it should have been launched long ago," said Nikola Motor Company founder and CEO Trevor Milton. "It will be the first zero emission European commercial vehicle to be supplied with redundant brakes, redundant steering, 800Vdc redundant batteries and a 120kW redundant hydrogen fuel cell, all of which are needed for a true phase 5 range. Expect our production to start more or less at the same time as our 2022-2023 US version".

The Nikola Tre has 500 to 1,000 horsepower, 6×4 or 6×2 settings and a range of 500 to 1,200 kilometres, depending on the option. Tre fits the current size and length restrictions for Europe. European trials in Norway are expected to start around 2020. Nikola is also in the pre-planning phase to find the right location for his production facilities in Europe. Whether it could be Germany is not known at the moment.


Nikola is currently working with Oslo's Nel Hydrogen to supply hydrogen stations to the US. "Nel was good at collaborating on the design and launch of our US station. We will work with Nel to secure resources for our European growth strategy. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but with the right partners we can do it," said Kim Brady, CFO of Nikola Motor Company.

By 2028, Nikola plans more than 700 hydrogen stations in the US and Canada. Each station is capable of producing between 2,000 and 8,000 kg of hydrogen per day. Nikola's European hydrogen filling stations are expected to come online in 2022 and cover most of the European market by 2030.

  • Power rating: 750 hp
  • Fuel: Hydrogen
  • Start-Stop Technology
  • Fuel Cell
  • Permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
  • Warranty up to 2 years
  • Length: 6,12 meters
  • 2 seats
  • Mixed fuel consumption WLTP Hydrogen: -- kg /100 km
  • Price: From 120000 €

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