Convertible Cars to use LPG in

Roman Frey 09:25 AM News

The most common option to be able to use LPG in a vehicle is to adapt a car with a gasoline engine and convert it to bi-fuel, i.e., it can use both gasoline and LPG

In all the countries the brands that manufacture these conversion equipments have workshops with which they work to perform these installations according to their specifications

Most of the most sold models and brands of automobiles can use several equipments, from different manufacturers, to be able to use propane gas as fuel, however for more minority models it is possible that the offer of equipments is more reduced


The major brands manufacturers of equipment to adapt vehicles and use LPG as fuel offer a wide range of solutions for most models on the market

All you have to do is look for the model and brand of your vehicle to find out which of the manufacturers offers compatible equipment and install it in any of the collaborating companies closest to your preferred location

Convertible Cars to use LPG

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