New LPG / Propane Models of Cars Vehicles for sale in USA

    The list of New LPG / Propane Models of Cars Vehicles for sale in USA is growing continuously, more and more brands offer versions of their cars incorporating LPG / Propane which is enhanced by the advantages of gas cars:

    Double Autonomy

    A new LPG / Propane Model of vehicle in USA usually maintains the same gasoline system as the traditional version incorporating the LPG / Propane equipment

    Similar Price

    the LPG / Propane Vehicle has a price slightly higher than the gasoline version but lower than the diesel version

    Economic Savings

    Although it can be established that operating in LPG / Propane mode the vehicle consumes a little more than gasoline, the price of fuel has an interesting saving

    immediate recharge similar to gasoline

    The refilling from the supplier is carried out in a time comparable to that necessary for refueling gasoline. The system is, likewise, very simple and comfortable.

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    Maintenance savings due to cleaner fuel

    Being a cleaner system, catalytic converters, filters, "adblues" are eliminated, which reduces the possibility of mechanical breakdowns. Thus, for example, the service life of the oil increases with what it means for motor care

    No Restrictions in Cities or on days of prohibition

    The first cities begin to limit the access of diesel vehicles, in their restrictive regulations vehicles with LPG have access advantages

    New LPG / Propane Cars for sale in USA
    New LPG / Propane Cars for sale in USA

    Today there is a wide range of car makers offering lpg versions for their cars in Europe , just for one simple reason:

    There are more than 15 million of cars running on lpg on european streets not a small market for car producers

    Please, keep this in mind

    Indicates that the model has a guarantee / insurance from the manufacturer or importer

    Indicates that the model is adaptable to consume GLP and has warranty / insurance from the equipment installer

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  • 11/07/2018 Cars to Propane: 5 reasonable options to enter the world of Propane

    The automotive LPG, popularly known as Propane, is a very interesting sustainable mobility option for those drivers who do not have the possibility of buying a hybrid or electric car and are looking for an ecological vehicle. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) offers many advantages. In this article we are going to review 5 LPG cars that are a very interesting purchase option.

    The advantages of autogas are well known, although it is true that among all the benefits of having a vehicle adapted for the use of propane in our garage, there are several. The first of these is the significant savings in fuel expense. And is that, taking into account the current price of gasoline and its consumption, savings compared to traditional fuels can reach up to 40%. Although the savings will vary depending on the type of vehicle and the engine that is under its hood.

    Another of the advantages that stand out from the autogas is that the vehicles are qualified as ECO due to the reduction of emissions compared to other fuels. Having the ECO label allows Propane cars to access cities without problems during episodes of high pollution, enjoy bonuses in regulated parking areas and even use the bus / HOV lane.

    And last but not least, we have the important autonomy of LPG cars. Being bi-fuel vehicles with two tanks (one for petrol and another for autogas) have a greater autonomy. Depending on the vehicle, it can reach up to 1,200 kilometers.