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There are several technologies available for the use of LPG as a motor fuel. It can be used as the sole fuel in mono-fuel engines, as the sole fuel in bi-fuel engines that can switch between gasoline and LPG, called bi-fuel, or as a mixture together with diesel in dual-fuel engines, also called dual-fuel. Furthermore, it can be used in various forms of hybrid transmission technologies. The choice depends on the application, the availability of technology for the specific application, as well as the regulatory framework, costs and other regional factors.

As a general rule with an unwritten consensus, if it is a gasoline + LPG vehicle it will be called Bi-fuel, and if it is a Diesel + LPG it will be called Dual-Fuel. In both cases, the possibility of using traditional fuel is maintained, although without the benefits of using gas.

Dual-fuel diesel and LPG ignition engines could be suitable for heavy-duty applications, but the technology is still relatively under development and it remains to be demonstrated for which specific applications this technology is best suited, in order to to assess its future potential. Any savings in running costs depend on the relative price of diesel/LPG and the proportion of LPG used in the blend. Improvements over the diesel mode of operation could also be seen in the emissions of these engines. As for the potential applications that high-power LPG engines can use, the list is very wide, from buses and trucks of all kinds to construction and mining equipment and vehicles, agricultural uses such as irrigation engines and agricultural tractors, a variety of machinery and vehicles for port and airport facilities, marine applications and possibly even trains and also static uses such as power generation, or air conditioning.

There is a supply of trucks prepared to use LPG as fuel, although it is limited and does not seem to be generalizing in the market. Depending on the location of the potential client, it is a very interesting possibility to be able to save and emit less emissions.

New LPG trucks for sale in

FORDE3507.3L V8
FORDE4507.3L V8
FORDF6507.3L V8
FORDF7507.3L V8

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