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Commercial vehicles that use Liquefied Petroleum Gas as fuel can have an Otto cycle engine, gasoline / petrol / naphtha / benzine or Carnot cycle, Diesel / Gasoil / Diesel and although the system of use of one and the other will be different, in both cases the use of Liquefied Gas will lead to lower emissions and economic savings.

In the case of commercial vehicles with gasoline engines, they will always be Bi-Fuel vehicles that will have the option of using gasoline and LPG at the driver's will, but in certain cases there are vehicles offered by certain companies that use a combination of Diesel and LPG in which case both fuels are mixed and it is not possible to run only with LPG in a Diesel engine

A commercial vehicle running on LPG not only pollutes less, it is also more economical and has a longer range than a vehicle running on traditional fuel alone. Now that alternatives are opening up for the production of fully renewable LPG, such as Bio-LPG, the possibilities for this fuel are promising for a more sustainable future

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