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The number of cars using LPG in the Dominican Republic is wide and numerous including in most cases cars adapted to use gas in a mechanic workshop, being propane gas the "most efficient" for vehicle use in the main provinces of the country, especially where there is a higher traffic such as the National District, Santo Domingo and Santiago.

Liquefied gas is used daily in around 410,000 vehicles, it eliminates or reduces by 20% the carbon dioxide emitted by gasoline cars and a four-cylinder car to adapt it to LPG would cost RD$40,000


One of them is the automobiles with the equipment to use LPG pre-installed from the factory that suppose a great change in the way of observing this fuel. dominican-republic-lpg-cars-for-sale

In Latin America, its use is widespread in Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Dominican Republic, where its development has recently been promoted through legislation.

Propane vehicles are available from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or through conversion. Propane engines and fueling systems are also available for heavy-duty vehicles, such as vans and school buses, including some OEM-prepared engines, which are included in equipment packages with components that allow conventional vehicles to run on propane.

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