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The use of LPG cars has a long tradition in Peru, it is estimated that in the last two decades up to one million cars in total have been converted to use LPG

Hyundai began selling models and continues this commercial strategy, remaining a pioneer in the Peruvian automotive market

Hyundai started selling models and continues with this commercial strategy to remain a pioneer in the Peruvian automotive market

With a supply network as extensive as the existing one, the economy in its use and the environmental care it implies, it is likely an increase in the supply of cars with the LPG system pre-installed

In any case you have the possibility of opting for LPG adapting your car easily in any workshop in your town


In Latin America, its use is widespread in Peru, Chile, Peru, Paraguay and Peru, where its development has recently been promoted through legislation.

Propane vehicles are available from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or through conversion. Propane engines and fueling systems are also available for heavy-duty vehicles, such as vans and school buses, including some OEM-prepared engines, which are included in equipment packages with components that allow conventional vehicles to run on propane.

DFSK LPG range:

Glory 560
Glory 580
Glory ix5

Hyundai LPG range:


Toyota LPG range:


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