New Honda LPG Car Models

    The list of New LPG factory fitted Models of Cars for sale in Europe is growing continuously, more and more brands offer versions of their cars incorporating LPG which is enhanced by the advantages:

    Double Autonomy

    A new LPG Model of vehicle usually maintains the same gasoline system as the traditional version incorporating the LPG / CNG equipment

    Similar Price

    the LPG Vehicle has a price slightly higher than the gasoline version but lower than the diesel version

    Economic Savings

    Although it can be established that operating in LPG mode the vehicle consumes a little more than gasoline, the price of fuel has a saving of more than 30%

    immediate recharge similar to gasoline

    The refilling from the supplier is carried out in a time comparable to that necessary for refueling gasoline. The system is, likewise, very simple and comfortable.

    Maintenance savings due to cleaner fuel

    Being a cleaner system, catalytic converters, filters, "adblues" are eliminated, which reduces the possibility of mechanical breakdowns. Thus, for example, the service life of the oil increases with what it means for motor care

    No Restrictions in Cities or on days of prohibition

    The first cities begin to limit the access of diesel vehicles, in their restrictive regulations vehicles with LPG have access advantages


    Today there is a wide range of car makers offering lpg versions for their cars in Europe , just for one simple reason:

    There are more than 15 million of cars running on lpg on european streets not a small market for car producers

  • 2018/07/13 Yamasaki: "Honda as ambitious and assertive of Turkey"

    Yamasaki: '' Our biggest goal, surpassing our total sales in the domestic Civic Sedan market, figures Honda in 30 second millennium to break the record for Turkey, "he said.

    Honda president Hideto Yamasaki Turkey, Britain and Germany after stating that they are the third largest market place in Europe of Honda, "Honda is ambitious and both the bike as Turkey very assertive in the car. sales to pass the German market. This figure is currently 24 thousand and we are seconds after England, in fact, it is guaranteed on paper ". Yamasaki, 19 years to start sales of the Civic sedan produced in Turkey due to the 10th generation at a press conference held, said it began production on September 16, the new car. Yamasaki claimed to have produced 106 Civic Sedan a day and started production with 800 people as a single shift, adding that the demand from export markets is of great importance in the second round.

    Yamasaki said he believes they will move into the second round in 2017 in the direction of their plans and that the total number of employees will reach 1,360 in this regard, thus reaching the number of employees who can fully utilize the current capacity of 50 thousand. "We will have 100 of our friends in the coming days and we will increase our production from 4 thousand to 4 thousand 500 by the second round, our biggest goal is to increase sales of Civic Sedan in the domestic market to 20, 30 Honda to break the record figures of Turkey beyond the second millennium. "she said.

    Yamasaki, citing 40% of the current production rate of civic saloons, said: "Initially, 40 percent our goal for local content in the future so the 60-digit It is that we see so much potential." Already new uses family Civic common platform and so the many use common parts is concerned. of the UK exports by the Turkish automotive supply industry happiness can say and believe that the increase of it.Hike Turkey, Great Britain and Germany after the third largest market position in Honda Europe. thousand units sales target for Europe in general - this goal Honda Turkey also remains the most important market - ambitious Honda motorcycle is like Turkey and the car was very ambitious - we set ourselves the goal, to get the sales number in the German market, we present these figures in the UK in reality as being second after 24 thousand and paper guarantees. "

    Honda president Yamasaki Turkey, the Civic sedan can be made for the right investment direksiyonlu, and the 1.5 turbo diesel has also expressed that they support this. Civic sedan to tell the world is produced in 12 different factories throughout Yamasaki, the production of Turkey, the whole of Europe, noted that the countries of the Gulf and North Africa cover this and Honda far invested $ 500 million in Turkey. Yamasaki, bulunarak in the evaluation of the market for LPG vehicles in Turkey, said: "LPG, a special project in Turkey, we started selling LPG Civic Sedan in 2012. The first phase of our design constitutes only 35 percent of sales and we expected, but we completed the production of the Civic were within 70 percent more recent percent Sedan The new Civic sedan We expect the LPG ratio to be between 55 and 60. We work with the BRC brand. They have a kit ready and are assembled in our factory lines. The original instrument panel of the new Civic Sedan also features an LPG indicator. For the first time in this model we have been involved in the development process and we have prepared the cars according to our market needs. We also constantly share our proposals that reduce costs or improve production quality. " the world's largest LPG market in Poland, Korea and Turkey, stressed that Yamasaki, the negative perception of lpg'yl, specifically 2 said that due to poor quality of operations in the handheld market. Yamasaki, if correctly and securely applied GPL if they tell us they have seen no shortage, "we wanted to discuss the government's welcome to make decisions in support of the GPL." The GPL is safe parking in any well-ventilated area. " she said. Civic LPG price differences at Sedan 5000 600 TL is the information that Yamasaki, durability and mileage in considering the difference in cost at the different acquisition date, whenever he could not take advantage of LPG costs of the diesel engine.