New ds range of cars, suvs, wagons, sedans, trucks prepared to consume LPG / Propane

    The DS brand was originally created as a differentiated line of Citroën products that was launched with the DS3 in March 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show. The DS3 is a two-door vehicle with a certain coupe look, but based on the platform of the Citroen C3. And over the years, this family of DS models has been developed with new vehicles such as DS4 or DS5, or convertible versions or even more radical approaches to the DS3.

    The DS brand is marketed in Europe through the Citroën dealer network, but in specific areas of each distribution center. However, in China, its main market, the network is exclusive to this brand, totally different from Citroën dealers. In 2013, the DS brand has more than 120,000 units sold, which since its creation in 2010 has already exceeded 500,000 vehicles.

    The range of cars with LPG Autogas offered by the ds brand in USA has been extended with the approval of equipment to retrofit their cars:

    Double Autonomy

    A new ds LPG / Propane Model of van in USA usually maintains the same gasoline system as the traditional version incorporating the LPG / Propane equipment

    Similar Price

    the ds LPG / Propane van has a price slightly higher than the gasoline version but lower than the diesel version

    Economic Savings

    Although it can be established that operating in LPG / Propane mode the vehicle consumes a little more than gasoline, the price of fuel has an interesting saving

    immediate recharge similar to gasoline

    The refilling from the supplier is carried out in a time comparable to that necessary for refueling gasoline. The system is, likewise, very simple and comfortable.

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    Maintenance savings due to cleaner fuel

    Being a cleaner system, catalytic converters, filters, "adblues" are eliminated, which reduces the possibility of mechanical breakdowns. Thus, for example, the service life of the oil increases with what it means for motor care

    No Restrictions in Cities or on days of prohibition

    The first cities begin to limit the access of diesel vehicles, in their restrictive regulations vehicles with LPG have access advantages

For sale in the world market

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  • new-ds-lpg-propane-cars-wagons-sedans-suvs-trucks-for-sale
  • new-ds-lpg-propane-cars-wagons-sedans-suvs-trucks-for-sale
  • new-ds-lpg-propane-cars-wagons-sedans-suvs-trucks-for-sale
  • new-ds-lpg-propane-cars-wagons-sedans-suvs-trucks-for-sale
  • new-ds-lpg-propane-cars-wagons-sedans-suvs-trucks-for-sale
  • 07/22/2018 DS 4 and DS 5 cease production. Will they have substitutes?

    DS came to the market in 2009 as a product line within the French Citroën. Five years later, DS Automobiles becomes independent and creates a new brand within the PSA group. But since 2009, DS 3, DS 4, DS 4 Crossback and DS 5 have been commercialized since then, adding a few months ago the new luxury SUV, the DS 7 Crossback. With the exception of the DS 7 Crossback, the others are models with several years on the market and, as in the case of DS 3 and DS 4, it must be taken into account that these are products derived directly from Citroën. The brand needs to be renewed if it wants to stay alive and, although we already have the new DS 7 Crossback, there is a lot of work to be done. And the first step is the cessation of production of DS 3 and DS 4, according to Autocar.

    In addition, the French premium brand has seen sales of both products fall in recent years in the European market. During 2017, the DS 4 did not register 12,000 units, while the DS 5 sold only more than 5,700 vehicles. The data, less, weak.

    Both arguments explained why DS made the decision to stop making these two models. However, what matters most now is to know what types of vehicles and which segments will be chosen by the French brand to occupy the "vacant places" and, in fact, fill the space.