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The potential of hydrogen as a clean fuel is enormous, it is inexhaustible and its use does not cause harmful emissions, which is why the Dutch Government firmly believes that hydrogen will be one of the main clean fuels of the future and is fully committed to making hydrogen available and is affordable through the design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of service stations, as part of the offer of clean fuels. In the Netherlands, several operators already have hydrogen filling stations open to the public. The Dutch government has big ambitions for hydrogen. The National Hydrogen Program shows that the government wants to bet on hydrogen as the energy system of the future.

Oil and gas companies have long provided the fuels that form the basis of today's energy system, but in a context of persistently high global emissions, they are under increasing pressure to provide solutions to climate change. Although they may seem like incompatible options, most companies will try to do both. In practice, the two are closely interrelated, as most of the financial resources, at least initially, will come from traditional investments in oil and gas supply.

On the other hand, there are new companies that are also joining the hydrogen supply in the Netherlands and as an example, a new hydrogen supply agreement has been signed to support some 33,000 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) in the Netherlands. Low. HyGear, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xebec Adsorption, recently announced the signing of a supply agreement for the generation and delivery of 130,000 kg of hydrogen to a hydrogen refueling station in the country. The hydrogen supplied by HyGear under the agreement will be produced at the company's hydrogen production center in Arnhem, the Netherlands, over a period of one and a half years.

In December 2023 there were 21 hydrogen refueling points in the Netherlands open to the public. There are more projects to open hydrogen stations in the Netherlands that will be implemented throughout 2024 and 2025.


Address of the Hydrogen filling Stations in Netherlands in

List of Hydrogen Stations in Netherlands
Fountain FuelDe Windturbine 1Amersfoort
OrangeGasAustraliƫhavenweg 116Amsterdam
ShellGalwin 6Amsterdam
PitPointWestervoortsedijk 71CArnhem
OrangeGasDuitslandlaan 1Assen
TotalEnergiesMinervum 7000Breda
Kerkhof & ZnBinckhorstlaan 100Den Haag
Kuster EnergyBraamtseweg 10Doetinchem
GreenPointLaan der Verenigde Naties 113Dordrecht
Twinning EnergyEisenhouwerlaan 11Eindhoven
ShellPhileas Foggstraat 45Emmen
HolthausenBornholmstraat 41Groningen
ShellChanging Lane 10Hoofddorp/Schiphol
Vissers Energy GroupStationsstraat 92Horst
AVIAHavenweg 14Kolhorn
HySolarMorsebaan 1Nieuwegein
GreenPlanetBultinge 2Pesse
AirLiquideGroene Kruisweg 397Rhoon
ShellA4 , Den Ruygen Hoek-OostRijsenhout
H2PointAanwas 2ARoosendal
TotalEnergiesDe Run 4232Veldhoven

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Complete List of Stations with Hydrogen in Netherlands

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  • February 2, 2022

British oil and gas company BP has signed a joint development agreement with Hydrogen Chemistry Company (HyCC) to further develop H2-Fifty, a 250 MW green hydrogen plant in the port area from Rotterdam, Netherlands. The companies signed the agreement after conducting a study that suggested the project could make a very important contribution to the decarbonization industry in the region.

The two nations will cooperate on research and development and technology to reduce planet-warming emissions in the atmosphere, including carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon capture and utilization (CCU).


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