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Undoubtedly, hydrogen cars have their strong points, such as a wide range and refuelling times on a par with combustion engine models. However, they also have their weaknesses, such as a very small hydrogen network, which is gradually growing. But also another handicap and it is a very high cost of use of these infrastructures.

This week Honda signed an agreement with the energy company ITM Power to purchase hydrogen to be used by customers who lease the Clarity. Customers are expected to have the same flat-rate refueling system applied in the United States, which will be paid for by the manufacturer.

In this case the cost of each kilo of hydrogen will be 10.9 euros for Honda. If we take into account that the Clarity can accumulate up to 5.46 kilos, the complete filling will cost 59.8 euros. A refueling that will allow this model to move for about 589 kilometers according to the American EPA cycle.

This means a cost of 0.92 kilos every 100 kilometres, or a cost of 10.1 euros. A price at the level of models with a combustion engine, even higher than most models on the market.

The hydrogen they will produce will be produced in part thanks to a new 10 MW production plant that ITM Power will build in collaboration with Shell and which will be located in the oil company's refinery in the German town of Wesseling. A facility that will use PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) technology for production and which they hope will allow them to increase economy of scale and reduce high production costs.

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