Hydrogen Stations in

Hydrogen Stations in

The hydrogen refueling market, with 584 hydrogen refueling stations to be deployed by the end of 2020, is experiencing a sharp acceleration in growth. Refueling station deployment is taking off in several markets, increasing the prospects for widespread adoption by fuel cell vehicle (FCV) users.

Hydrogen station deployment activities are especially active in the Asia-Pacific region, where Japan is the undisputed leader with nearly 150 hydrogen stations. However, China has experienced the strongest growth, with more than 100 hydrogen stations in operation.

South Korea, Austria and Denmark are the first countries to install enough hydrogen stations to allow FCVs to drive across the country. Hydrogen stations in California allow FCVs to travel throughout the state and use a network of hydrogen fueling stations.

In Europe, Germany has been involved in building hydrogen stations. In addition, France and the Netherlands have seen a rapid increase in the number of stations.

In the United States, California wants to expand the deployment of hydrogen stations, and a network of hydrogen stations is rapidly emerging in the Northeast. In the Midwest, the number of stations is increasing in Ohio.

As hydrogen fuel cell buses and trucks become more popular in the marketplace, hydrogen stations are being introduced for heavy-duty transportation. In the next few years, hydrogen fuel cells will begin to be used to power trains, planes and ships, which will encourage growth in the number of hydrogen stations.

Staggering amounts of money are being invested in building hydrogen stations, mainly through public-private partnerships. The deployment of stations is a good precondition for the proliferation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, including cars, buses and trucks. By 2035, most of the United States, Western Europe, China, Japan and South Korea will be covered by hydrogen stations.

By 2020, more than 50% of hydrogen stations will be in the Asia-Pacific region and more than a third in Europe. By 2035, the distribution of hydrogen stations will be more even, but Asia-Pacific will still lead the market, followed by Europe.

Hydrogen Stations

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