New LPG Cars in Nigeria in

Roman Frey 09:25 AM News

Currently, some official government vehicles should already have been converted, including those in the presidential convoy and the official fleet of the Ministry of Petroleum. As of 2019, there were over 500 SUV and bus units successfully converted from gasoline to LPG in the country.

Following the end of subsidies on petroleum products in 2020, Nigeria is facing an increase of more than 20% in the price of gasoline at the pump, which has fueled consumer discontent for several months.

It is in this context that Nigeria has launched a plan to run the entire national fleet on CNG and LPG. This is an ambitious plan considering that Nigeria has the largest population on the continent with over 200 million inhabitants. For many analysts, this policy should accelerate the monetization of the country's gas resources, which remain under-exploited.


Unlike Egypt and Algeria, the plan is in its pilot phase. "In addition to the fact that gas will be cheaper, we are also keen to make the conversion of cars affordable so that Nigerians can actually benefit from this new policy," said Petroleum Minister Timipre Sylva.

Nigeria could save several billion dollars a year if the entire national fleet were to run on LPG.

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