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A factory gas car with LPG Autogas, is very easy to acquire, we can add the option to our gasoline car or purchase it new. In addition to the well-known environmental and emissions benefits, especially since the classification of diesel emissions as carcinogenic, there are other economic and operational benefits:

  • Double Autonomy (Gasoline + LPG-Autogas)

    A propane car with lpg autogas always keeps the gasoline system exactly the same as a "gasoline only" model, and to this is added the lpg autogas system

  • Purchase price similar to petrol

    The purchase price of the vehicle is similar to that of the equivalent "gasoline-only" model and usually lower than that of the diesel version

  • Economic savings of up to 40% in fuel

    Although it can be established that running in LPG autogas mode the vehicle consumes 10% more than gasoline, the price per liter is approximately half, so that the savings achieved are not less than 30%

  • Immediate refueling similar to gasoline refueling

    The refueling from the supplier is done in a time comparable to that required for refueling gasoline. It is also a very simple and convenient system.

  • Savings in maintenance due to greater cleanliness

    Because it is a cleaner system, catalytic converters, filters and "adblues" are eliminated, reducing the possibility of mechanical breakdowns. Thus, for example, the useful life of the oil is increased with what it means for the care of the engine

  • No Restrictions in Cities or on ban days.

    Big cities are the first to limit the access of diesel vehicles, in their restrictive regulations LPG Autogas vehicles have access advantages


Today there is a wide range of car manufacturers offering models with LPG gas, and also a large number of models that can be converted or adapted to use LPG as a fuel.

The European market already includes more than 15 million LPG cars, a sizeable market, and manufacturers have scored up to 4.7 points (out of 5) in more than 1,792 voluntary surveys.

Range of LPG cars models in Spain

Dacia LPG range:

Dokker ECO-G
Duster ECO-G
Sandero ECO-G
Sandero Stepway ECO-G
Logan ECO-G

DFSK LPG range:

Glory 580

DR LPG range:

DR5 Evo

Fiat LPG range:

Tipo SW
Tipo Sedan

Jeep LPG range:


Renault LPG range:


Ssangyong LPG range:

Tivoli Grand Line

Subaru LPG Range:


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