Range of Ssangyong cars with LPG / Autogas for sale en

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One of the brands with high performance models but maintains a price profile that makes it accessible to most pockets, if we compare it with other brands that do not beat Ssangyong in performance but in appearances, but usually the LPG user is analytical and appreciates the reality above other more subjective appreciations.

With engines of great earned fame, with high class finishes and with a sporty but accessible driving, Ssangyong models with LPG are the best that is offered in the world with this alternative fuel as standard.

If we join a first class mechanics with a fuel such as LPG that gives facilities and also add that it is more environmentally friendly and cheaper, it explains that we have a range of premium cars in a brand of higher class than average.

Range of Ssangyong cars adaptable to LPG / Autogas


If the model of your choice is not among those offered directly with the equipment to use LPG pre-installed, you can always make the adaptation in authorized workshops with which you will keep the option of using gasoline intact increasing the performance with the LPG equipment.

Remember that an LPG retrofit keeps the engine performance intact and the possibility of using gasoline will remain at your will. The installation of LPG is simple and can be done in many models of the brand of your choice, here are some of the models for which there is adaptation equipment:

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