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Compressed Natural Gas is an environmentally friendly fuel, with fewer impurities such as sulfur and lead, leading to a lower level of pollution. In addition, CNG is lighter than air and has less risk of leaks. The use of natural gas in the transportation sector has contributed greatly to reducing pollution due to vehicle emissions. In addition, CNG has been able to replace gasoline and diesel, which are expensive.

Currently, energy comes mainly from fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal. Natural gas is a relatively clean primary energy source and is therefore often the fuel of choice in many regions of the world. Fossil fuel reserves are dwindling or becoming increasingly difficult or expensive to develop, necessitating the development of alternative and sustainable energy sources.

it is possible to replace part of the natural gas with biomethane produced from a sustainable primary energy source with the same properties as natural gas. This will facilitate the implementation of sustainable energy, as natural gas grids are widespread in many countries, as well as in japan. Substitute Natural Gas (Bio-SNG or Bio-Methane) can be produced from agricultural waste with high efficiency and low plant emissions.


Looking for a smaller environmental footprint and lower fuel costs in your transportation operations? Meet the trucks powered by compressed natural gas. They are available for everything from waste collection and delivery to demanding regional and long-haul transport. And they are available in versions that can run on CNG or LNG, produced with either natural gas or biogas, depending on availability. With a good worldwide fuel supply and the potential to reduce their CO2 footprint by 20-100%*, they offer a smooth transition to environmentally sustainable transport.

CNG is natural gas or biogas compressed at high pressure and stored in tanks in the truck. CNG-powered trucks offer sufficient power, torque and range to cope with demanding delivery and waste collection transports. By using compressed biogas, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 70%.

new CNG lorries in japan

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