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Hydrogen Stations in germany in

Hydrogen Stations in germany in

In Germany, hydrogen refuelling stations are coordinated, built and operated by a consortium of different companies. The partners: Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and TOTAL will ensure an initial basic supply with around 100 hydrogen stations. From this point on, further stations will be installed wherever a demand for commercial vehicles can be expected in the short term and where a public filling station for a growing network of filling stations also for passenger cars seems to make sense.

As part of the project, hydrogen stations are being built in Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria.

Hydrogen is the first choice of the members of this union when it comes to the energy supply of the future. To effectively implement the energy transition, it is necessary to innovate today in the second generation of renewable energies, instead of subsidising the first generation. This project focuses on the second generation of sustainable energy concepts, namely hydrogen.

Some of the participants have already been involved in the field of hydrogen mobility for several years. In 2009, OMV opened the first publicly accessible hydrogen filling station in Baden-Württemberg.

There are currently 91 hydrogen filling stations in Germany.

Map of Hydrogen Service Stations in germany

List of hydrogen refueling stations in germany

AachenPrager Ring 10652070 Aachen
Berlin - HeerstraßeHeerstraße 3714055 Berlin Charlottenburg
BonnErich-Hoffmann-Straße 953121 Bonn
BraunschweigHamburger Str. 21138112 Braunschweig
BremenOsterholzer Heerstraße 22228325 Bremen
DortmundSchützenstr. 2-444147 Dortmund
DresdenWiener Strasse 3901069 Dresden
DuisburgAm Schlütershof 27Duisburg
Düsseldorf - OerschbachstraßeOerschbachstraße 7140589 Düsseldorf
ErfurtAm Urbicher Kreuz 3499099 Erfurt
EssenKaternberger Str. 9945327 Essen
Frankfurt - Industriepark HöchstOtto-Horn-Straße65926 Frankfurt am Main
Freiburg Fraunhofer ISE StationHeidenhofstraße 379110 Freiburg
Hamburg - Bramfelder ChausseeBramfelder Chaussee 37022175 Hamburg Bramfeld
HeidelbergSpeyerer Str. 2069124 Heidelberg
IngolstadtManchinger Straße 8485053 Ingolstadt
KarlsruheErlachseeweg 1076227 Karlsruhe
KoblenzAm Rübenacher Wald 256072 Koblenz
LeipzigPoststr. 3 04158 Leipzig
LeverkusenKarl-Krekeler-Str. 251373 Leverkusen
MagdeburgGlindenberger Weg 339126 Magdeburg
MönchengladbachOdenkirchenerstr. 16041236 Mönchengladbach
München - DetmoldstraßeDetmoldstraße 180935 München
Stuttgart - FlughafenFlughafenstraße 7070629 Echterdingen

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