Hydrogen Stations in switzerland, Map and List

Hydrogen Stations in switzerland in

Hydrogen Stations in switzerland in

Electric engines play an important role in the vehicle fleet of the future. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are an alternative to plug-in vehicles. Several suppliers already offer their services in Switzerland The Swiss government's aim is to diversify the fuel mix and thus help reduce emissions. Hydrogen is perfect because fuel cell vehicles emit no exhaust fumes and offer many advantages.

Unlike neighboring Germany, Switzerland does not yet have a large network of hydrogen refueling stations. However, the Swiss government is involved in a number of initiatives to promote the use of hydrogen as a fuel, such as promoting the Mobility H2 Switzerland partnership. The public hydrogen refueling station infrastructure in Switzerland will be developed under the auspices of the partnership, in collaboration with other partners such as Emmi, Galliker Transport, Shell, Agrola and Migrol. The focus here is on the truck sector. In Germany, a similar project is already well underway.

Hyundai's forty-six XCIENT fuel cell trucks delivered in Switzerland have collectively exceeded one million kilometers driven in just 11 months of service. During this period, more than 631 tons of CO2 emissions were avoided. The 25 Swiss companies that have joined together to form H2 Mobility Switzerland plan to acquire almost 150 more. The manufacturer, which is presenting its new version of the XCIENT, intends to rely on this full-scale experiment to reach its sales target of 110,000 hydrogen-powered trucks by 2025.

Haulers' customers are also happy with the choice of hydrogen for their logistics, and so in Switzerland, HAVI has started delivering to some McDonald's restaurants with a hydrogen-powered truck. In the future, this truck will supply McDonald's restaurants in the regions of Aargau, Basel, Bern and Zurich.

Map of hydrogen filling stations in switzerland

List of hydrogen filling stations in switzerland

Coop Tankstelle HunzenschwilGewerbestrasse 15502 Hunzenschwil
Avia Tankstelle St. GallenOberstrasse 1379000 St. Gallen
AGROLA Tankstelle ZofingenBleicheweg 64200 Zofingen
AGROLA Tankstelle RothenburgStationsstrasse 826023 Rothenburg
Avia Tankstelle RümlangRiedgrabenstrasse 268153 Rümlang
Coop Tankstelle CrissierChemin de Saugy 31023 Crissier
Avia Tankstelle GeuenseeSchäracher 26232 Geuensee
Coop Tankstelle Bern BethlehemEymattstrasse 153027 Bern

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