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The Swiss Government's goal is to diversify the fuel mix and thus help reduce emissions. Hydrogen is perfect because fuel cell vehicles do not emit combustion gases and offer many advantages.

In Switzerland there is still no large network of hydrogen filling stations. However, the Swiss Government participates in a series of initiatives to promote the use of hydrogen as a fuel, such as promoting the Mobility H2 Switzerland association. Public hydrogen filling station infrastructure in Switzerland will be developed under the auspices of the partnership, in collaboration with other partners such as Emmi, Galliker Transport, Shell, Agrola and Migrol. The focus here is on the truck sector.

However, advances in the use of hydrogen in Switzerland are rapid and evident. As an example, the forty-six Hyundai XCIENT fuel cell trucks delivered to Switzerland have collectively exceeded one million kilometers traveled in just 11 months of service. During this period, more than 631 tons of CO2 were no longer emitted. The 25 Swiss companies that have come together to form H2 Mobility Switzerland plan to acquire almost 150 more. The manufacturer, which is presenting its new version of the , and so in Switzerland, HAVI has started delivering to some McDonald's restaurants with a hydrogen-powered truck. In the future, this truck will supply McDonald's restaurants in the regions of Aargau, Basel, Bern and Zurich.

In December 2023 there were 17 hydrogen refueling stations in Switzerland, with 3 more opening in the last year. Likewise, there are more than 10 projects to open new points of sale throughout Switzerland.


Address of the Hydrogen Refueling Points in Switzerland in

COOPGewerbestrasse 1Hunzenschwil
AVIAOberstrasse 137St. Gallen
AGROLABleicheweg 6Zofingen
AGROLAStationsstrasse 82Rothenburg
AVIARiedgrabenstrasse 26Rümlang
COOPChemin de Saugy 3Crissier
AVIASchäracher 2Geuensee
COOPEymattstrasse 15Bern
COOPRingstrasse 31Chur
COOPRheinstrasse 113DFrenkendorf
Schwab-GuillodLagerhausstrasse 7Müntschemier
AVIARoute sous-la-Ville 2 Puidoux
AVIAMuttenzerstr. 139 Pratteln
AVIAIndustriestrasse 149Gossau
AVIASchlachthofstrasse 12St. Gallen
AGROLASchürmatt 3Schötz
SOCARA1 Grauholz-SüdIttigen

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  • September 27, 2021

The Swiss start-up company "H2 Energy Solutions GmbH", founded in August, wants to make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions caused by road traffic by building infrastructure of service stations throughout Switzerland to refuel cars and trucks with hydrogen. As a fuel, hydrogen contains three times more energy than fuels made from fossil raw materials such as gasoline or diesel. Hydrogen has great potential, especially for the transportation sector. Because hydrogen-powered vehicles only emit water vapor instead of CO2.

In Switzerland there are currently around 6 million vehicles that refuel with traditional fuel at one of around 3,550 public service stations. There are currently only a few hydrogen filling stations in this country, which also only cover a certain region of Switzerland. Car dealer Toyota intends to sell 1,600 of its “Mirai Fuel Cell” hydrogen model in Switzerland. But this requires a network of filling stations throughout Switzerland to refuel with hydrogen. Hydrogen, which is obtained from water by electrolysis, is compressed and can be stored or transported in this way.


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