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In terms of fuel cost, in all cases analyzed, CNG is less expensive than competing fuels. The difference ranges from 35% to 75% compared to diesel and gasoline, about 20% compared to electric and about 60% compared to gasoline-electric hybrid.

It also shows a lower CO2 rate, in the order of 7% to 16%, and a 50% quieter engine. Bio-CNG, which is still relatively undeveloped, can further reduce overall CO2 emissions.Economically, there are two key factors at play, the cost of fuel and the purchase price of the vehicle.


This study demonstrates that, from an economic and ecological perspective, CNG is a suitable option for both passenger and rental vehicles. That said, unlike electromobility, CNG remains relatively unknown to the general public, the media and the political sphere.

The focus of the gas and automotive sectors on promoting CNG seems, so far, relatively modest and would benefit greatly from greater visibility.

2021 July 21. The Covid-19 pandemic and rising fuel prices seem to be helping the green cause in Kerala. Data shows that registration of CNG vehicles has increased by 301% in nearly seven months compared to last year. As many as 357 CNG vehicles have been registered so far this year as against 89 last year.

new CNG cars in india

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