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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is also known as NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) and is a more economical alternative vehicle fuel that minimizes environmental impact. CNG is a natural gas stored at high pressures. It is mainly composed of methane which has a high rate of carbon hydrogen and produces less carbon dioxide per unit of energy delivered, compared to other heavier hydrocarbons.

Once the CNG system is installed, the vehicle adopts a "DUAL" condition, which means that the engine can run either on gasoline, natural gas or a combination of both fuels at the same time. To select the fuel to be used, it will be done by means of the switch key located on the instrument panel, which also indicates the level of Natural Gas when the vehicle is in Gas function. The vehicle always starts with NAFTA and if the switch key is in Gas function, the vehicle will automatically change fuel when the necessary conditions (temperature and pressure) are met, for the correct operation of the CNG vehicle. In this sense. It is important that the vehicle ALWAYS has at least ½ tank of gasoline. For safety and protection of engine parts, in case of running out of fuel, the vehicle will not run on CNG either.

Each element that works under pressure must be homologated and for this purpose must comply with demanding validation tests, which expose the components to much more severe conditions than those of normal use. Thus, the components must pass tests at pressures ranging from one and a half to four times the working pressures, durability tests, cycling, exposure to corrosive environmental conditions and many other tests to ensure safety. At the same time, the installation has passive safety devices, designed to act in case an eventuality requires it.

By installing the CNG System exclusively for your Toyota through an Official Toyota Dealer you maintain the warranty of your vehicle. In addition, the CNG system also comes with a Toyota warranty of 5 years or 150,000 km, whichever comes first.

The exclusive CNG system is available for units delivered as of September 1, 2018 with up to 20,000 km that maintain warranty and have performed all maintenance services at Official Dealers, in those countries where the toyota vehicle adapted to use compressed natural gas is offered.

Range of toyota CNG cars for sale at :

Range of toyota cars adaptable to Compressed Natural Gas CNG


If the model of your choice is not among those offered directly with the equipment to use Compressed Natural Gas CNG CNG pre-installed, you can always make the adaptation in authorized workshops with which you will keep the option of using gasoline intact increasing the performance with the Liquefied Gas equipment.

Remember that an adaptation to CNG Compressed Natural Gas keeps intact the performance of the engine and the possibility of using gasoline will keep it at will. The installation of CNG CNG CNG Compressed Natural Gas is simple and can be done in many models of the brand of your choice, here are some of the models for which there is adaptation equipment:

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