Hydrogen Stations in scotland in

Hydrogen Stations in scotland in

Aberdeen City Council has begun looking for a joint venture partner to build a green hydrogen hub in the city. Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub, which is a hydrogen infrastructure development program working in housing, heating and transport, is looking for a partner to supply hydrogen to its range of public transport vehicles.

Aberdeen City Council has agreed in principle to fund £19.4 million from its Capital Programme as an investment in the Hydrogen Energy Partnership. As part of its role in the Aberdeen Hydrogen Centre Strategic Partnership, the strategic partner is expected to provide funding and investment for the opportunity and competent resources, including scoping, design, procurement, project management, implementation, delivery, operation, maintenance and commercial support. and technical expertise.

Phase one will include the procurement of a hydrogen production facility for public sector consumption of a resilient and cost-effective supply of green hydrogen on a commercial basis to support existing and proposed transportation projects.

Phase two envisions supplying hydrogen vehicles with higher volume consumption, such as rail, freight and marine. And phase three will involve the supply of hydrogen for heating and export. The joint venture will enter into a Hydrogen Supply Framework Agreement with the Council for an initial period of 10 years with two subsequent optional extensions of five years each. The Hydrogen Hub will capitalize on the region's central role in the development of the fast-growing offshore wind sector to provide a "green" fuel supply for transport, homes and businesses, and accelerate the growth of the hydrogen sector in the region.

He added: "Our city is renowned for its innovative thinking, entrepreneurial approach and energy expertise, and the development of the Aberdeen Hydrogen Centre is an important step in our plan to create long-term green economic growth in the city and deliver Aberdeen's Net Zero Vision."

Aberdeen City Council's lead councilor Jenny Laing said, "Aberdeen is already recognized as a pioneering hydrogen city and the creation of this strategic partnership will be a crucial step in realizing our goal of Aberdeen becoming a world leader in hydrogen."

Hydrogen Stations in scotland

There are currently no hydrogen stations in scotland.

Here you can see the existing hydrogen stations in scotland.

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