new Hydrogen lorries/trucks in japan in

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Hydrogen is certainly a long-term option for truck propulsion. There are actually two different options:

  • Fuel cell, which uses hydrogen to generate electricity to power an electric motor
  • Or using hydrogen to power an internal combustion engine.
In both cases, the use of green hydrogen can reduce CO2 emissions by 100 percent.

    Promising as it sounds, the technology to fuel trucks with hydrogen is still in the experimental stage and therefore very expensive. In addition, hydrogen is only available in limited quantities and has to be compressed at a very high pressure (700 bar) and at a very low temperature (-253 degrees Celsius). In addition, there is currently no distribution infrastructure. According to several studies, it will be at least 5-10 years before hydrogen is widely used.

    There are several ways to produce hydrogen. One is the decomposition of fossil fuels to produce CO2 and hydrogen. This hydrogen is called "gray" because it is produced from fossil fuels. The other, much cleaner, method of producing hydrogen is electrolysis. This involves passing an electric current through water, producing oxygen and pure "green" hydrogen. Unfortunately, only 10% of hydrogen production is currently done by electrolysis. Currently, most hydrogen is produced chemically from coal and natural gas, which means more CO2.


    Most of the long-haul trucks that run our business run on diesel fuel. These hard-working vehicles deliver food and goods to our stores, supermarkets and distribution centers around the clock and form the backbone of our business. They are ubiquitous on highways and city streets, but the diesel they burn is a source of carbon emissions and urban pollution.

    By switching from diesel to hydrogen, articulated and long-haul trucks can maintain a range of more than 1,000 kilometers on a single tank, completely eliminating harmful emissions. By using hydrogen fuel cells to power these vehicles, carbon dioxide and harmful particulate emissions are completely eliminated; the only by-product is water. In contrast, it is believed that battery power cannot provide the same continuous power and range needed.

    new Hydrogen lorries/trucks in japan

    We are not aware of any model offered with H2.

    But here you can learn more about hydrogen systems for traditional engines.

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