Hydrogen Stations in navarre in

Hydrogen Stations in navarre en

Naturgy has included navarre in the first phase of a project submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Change and Population, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the Ministry of Science and Innovation that aims to promote sustainable mobility in the region.

The company plans to install a plant to refuel hydrogen in urban and interurban areas in order to promote sustainable mobility in the region. According to the company's press release, this location will allow it to supply major transportation systems in the region.

Naturgy intends to build 38 plants in the country. In the second phase, the entire infrastructure will reach 120 hydropower plants. As a first step, two models of hydroelectric generators will be offered. 20 hydroelectric generators that produce hydrogen on-site using electrolyzers and external equipment, and 18 hydroelectric generators that do not produce on-site.

In these cases, hydrogen is supplied to the vehicle through a dispenser adapted to the vehicle's needs. The navarre plant is an example of a plant that does not produce hydrogen on-site.

With this infrastructure in place throughout the country, hydrogen vehicles are a viable option for convenient travel in Spain. In addition, refueling times are almost identical to those of vehicles powered by conventional internal combustion engines, making them the most attractive zero-emission option.

The Spanish government plans to allocate 1.5 billion euros to the development of green hydrogen over the next three years, and 8.9 billion euros by 2050.

Hydrogen Stations in navarre

There are currently no hydrogen stations in navarre.

Here you can see the existing hydrogen stations in Spain.

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