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If you travel by car in Berlin, at some gas stations you will find indications that, in addition to gasoline or diesel, you can also fill up with LPG, also called Autogas. LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, i.e. compressed liquefied petroleum gas. In the end, it is still a fossil fuel. The environmentally friendly version of LPG is bio-LPG, which is produced by gasification of biomass. It can also be used on the road in Berlin, but production is still below demand although it continues to increase.

According to production statistics, only 10% of the filling stations in Berlin would offer 100% bioGLP. With a range of our car of about 500 kilometers, the stop at the pump if you want to use only BioGLP must be planned precisely. Southern Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example, is a blank space with no bioGLP filling stations. In the area around Berlin there are also few filling stations for bio-gas.

The price of normal LPG and bioGLP at filling stations remains the same, but that changes with the CO2 tax on fossil fuels. Because from January 1, 2021, gasoline, diesel and LPG have to pay a tax of €25 per ton of CO2, but not bio-LPG. That adds about five cents per liter to LPG and as the price of pollution rights will continue to rise in the coming years, the price difference for the biological alternative will also grow.

"BioGLP production in the European Union is expected to multiply in the coming years from the 200 000 tonnes produced in 2020 so it remains a very valid alternative to refuel at your filling station."
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Holzmarktstraße 12/1410179Berlin
TOTAL StationHolzmarktstr. 3710243Berlin
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Frankfurter Allee 21410365Berlin
Total StationStorkower Str. 17410369Berlin
TOTAL TankstellePrenzlauer Allee 1-410405Berlin
Esso StationLessingstraße 410555Berlin
Shell Station T. Schulze TankstellenPaulstr. 2010557Berlin
Total TankstelleHeidestr. 1910557Berlin
Star TankstelleKaiser-Friedrich-Str. 10210585Berlin
Shell Station Steffen KolbergHohenzollerndamm 4110713Berlin
Sprint Tank GmbHMecklenburgische Str. 7610713Berlin
Sprint TankstelleLietzenburger Str. 9710719Berlin
TOTAL TankstelleTempelhofer Ufer 33-3510963Berlin
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Buschkrugallee11234Berlin
GO-TankstelleReuterstr. 18-1912043Berlin
Esso - TankstelleSonnenallee 912047Berlin
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral-AG)Grenzallee 612057Berlin
BarMal Gas GmbHTempelhofer Damm 108 -12099Berlin
Esso StationTempelhofer Damm 2012101Berlin
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral-AG)Schöneberger Straße12103Berlin
spree-mobile GmbHAlboinstraße 5612103Berlin
TOTAL StationSchöneberger Str. 1712103Berlin
BarMalGas GmbHRathausstr. 4212105Berlin
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Mariendorfer Damm 34112107Berlin
Esso StationMariendorfer Damm 40-4412109Berlin
BarMalGasRubensstrasse 52- 5412157Berlin
Star TankstelleSteglitzer Damm 7712169Berlin
AgipTankstelleOstpreußendamm 8912207Berlin
Sprint TankstelleBarnackufer 2512207Berlin
Star TankstelleKönigsberger Str. 25a12207Berlin
Esso TankstelleBelssstr. 5112249Berlin
SPRINT TankstelleHildburghauser Str. 27c12279Berlin
Star Tankstelle Gabriele FischerHildburghauser Str. 712279Berlin
Esso Station, Inh. Frank KnoppanLichtenrader Damm 27412305Berlin
Go TankstelleBarnetstr. 66/6712305Berlin
Gas & More BerlinGradestr. 9112347Berlin
Esso StationMarienfelder Chaussee12349Berlin
Sprint TankstelleRudower Str. 148-15012351Berlin
Star TankstelleJohannisthaler Chaussee12351Berlin
ARAL Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Buschkrugallee 84-9212359Berlin
SPRINT TankstelleGrüner Weg 7512359Berlin
TOTAL TankstelleSpäthstrasse 15812359Berlin
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral-AG)Köpenicker Landstraße12437Berlin
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Schnellerstr. 2012439Berlin
JET TankstelleMichael-Brückner-Str. 2412439Berlin
Shell StationAdlergestell 12112439Berlin
Auto Spreves GmbHFriedrichshagener Straße12555Berlin
JET TankstelleBellevuestraße 1412555Berlin
SPRINT TankstelleGosener Damm 13 - 1512559Berlin
AGIP Service Station FreierAlt-Mahlsdorf 93-9412623Berlin
SUN TankstelleAlt-Mahlsdorf 11712623Berlin
Total TankstelleAlt Mahlsdorf 6012623Berlin
ARAL Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Landsberger Allee 53412681Berlin
Aral Tankstelle FTB FreieAlt-Friedrichsfelde 6412683Berlin
Autogastankstelle Grit JarlingAlt-Biesdorf 52 a12683Berlin
Autohaus an der HansastraßeHansastr. 21213051Berlin
Star TankstelleHansastr. 22013051Berlin
STAR - TankstelleGehrenseestrasse 1013053Berlin
Autohaus Koschnick GmbHGehringstr. 17 - 1813088Berlin
HEM TankstellePrenzlauer Promenade 6813089Berlin
JET TankstellePrenzlauer Promenade13089Berlin
BarMalGasGmbHBucherstrasse 2313125Berlin
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Pasewalker Straße 11013127Berlin
Peter Lindner GmbH, Vertrieb techn.Bahnhofstraße 713127Berlin
TOTAL TankstelleAm S-Bhf Heinersdorf13127Berlin
Nord-Tanke GmbHAntonienstrasse 34 n-p13403Berlin
JET TankstelleKurt-Schumacher-Damm13405Berlin
Sprint TankstelleKapweg 213405Berlin
Esso TankstelleHolländerstraße 5213407Berlin
Parlak GmbH Mega Car ServiceResidenzstraße 6213409Berlin
Esso StationWilhelmsruher Damm 16013435Berlin
Hager Autogas Service - Sven HagerHolzhauser Str. 158 a13509Berlin
Esso StationFalkenseer Chaussee 5013583Berlin
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Heerstraße 32513593Berlin
Shell Station T. Schulze TankstellenHeerstr. 326-32813593Berlin
Esso StationHeerstraße 28513595Berlin
Sprint TankstelleRuhlebener Straße 1a13597Berlin
Sprint-TankstelleNonnendammallee 4213599Berlin
Total StationHeerstr. 35-3714055Berlin
Shell Station Steffen KolbergKaisersdamm 3414057Berlin
BAB-Tankstelle Grunewald West (Aral)A115, Kilometer 18 bzw.14129Berlin
Esso StationBerliner Straße 20-2214169Berlin
Esso Station, Inh. Ilona OppenheimerHubertusallee 1-314193Berlin
Autogas AdlershofAdlergestell 327 - 33112489Berlin-Adlershof
Autohaus Körner GmbHWalsheimer Str. 2 - 2412683Berlin-Biesdorf
Flüssiggas-Komplettservice GmbHAlt-Biesdorf 5212683Berlin-Biesdorf
Total StationZepernicker Str. 9-1013125Berlin-Buch
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Messedamm 8 - 1014057Berlin-Charlottenburg
Esso Station Inh. Monika FischerClayallee 9014195Berlin-Dahlem
STAR TankstelleKönigin-Luise-Strasse 22a14195Berlin-Dahlem
HEM TankstelleSchönerlinder Str. 60-6113127Berlin-Französisch-
STAR TankstelleHeiligenseestr. 2813503Berlin-Heiligensee
HEM TankstelleRomain-Rolland-Straße13089Berlin-Heinersdorf
Sprint Tank GmbHBlankenburger Straße13089Berlin-Heinersdorf
SPREVES-StationHermsdorfer Damm 18013467Berlin-Hermsdorf
Shell StationLetterhausweg 213627Berlin-Jungfernheide
Esso StationChemnitzer Straße12621Berlin-Kaulsdorf
Sprint-TankstelleUrbanstr. 9610967Berlin-Kreuzberg
STAR TankstelleRhinstr. 4710315Berlin-Lichtenberg
Tamoil TankstelleAlt-Friedrichsfelde 6110315Berlin-Lichtenberg
Star TankstelleSiegfriedstrasse 17010365Berlin-Lichtenberg
Total StationRibnitzer Str. 4213051Berlin-Lichtenberg
STAR TankstelleFinckensteinallee 13312205Berlin-Lichterfelde
LPG comp. Flüssiggas HandelGreinerstraße 1012107Berlin-Mariendorf
Shell StationGrossbeerenstr. 82-8812107Berlin-Mariendorf
Q1 Tankstelle WeikertMariendorfer Damm 11-1312109Berlin-Mariendorf
Aral TankstelleMärkische Allee 24812679Berlin-Marzahn
Shell Tankstelle Rockstroh TankstellenMärkische Allee 6112681Berlin-Marzahn
Flüssiggasvertrieb Marzahn, Inh.Am Schmeding 6912685Berlin-Marzahn
Total StationChausseestr. 61-6210115Berlin-Mitte
Q1 Tankstelle StrempelBlankenburger Str. 3613156Berlin-Niederschönhausen
Total StationWackenbergstr. 2-613156Berlin-Niederschönhausen
Agip Service-Station ThomasDietzgenstr. 12713158Berlin-Nordend
GO TankstellePrenzlauer Promenade13089Berlin-Pankow
Elan Tankstelle (Automatentankstelle)Storkower Str. 11610407Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Sprint TankstelleKniprodestraße 2810407Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Total TankstelleMargarete-Sommer-Str. 210407Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Sprint-TankstelleResidenzstr. 7913409Berlin-Reinickendorf
Total TankstelleBlockdammweg 610317Berlin-Rummelsburg
Shell StationSachsendamm 9010829Berlin-Schöneberg
Flüssiggas Ritter AutomatentankstelleSchnellerstraße 18a12439Berlin-Schöneweide
Star TankstelleBrunsbütteler Damm13581Berlin-Spandau
Spreves TankstelleZeppelinstraße 5113583Berlin-Spandau
Sprint TankstelleSeegefelder Str. 4113583Berlin-Spandau
Total StationHeerstr. 32413593Berlin-Spandau
LAT - Tankstellen u. VermietungenGötelstr. 132-14013595Berlin-Spandau
SPRINT TankstelleKörnerstraße 48 a12157Berlin-Steglitz
Aral Tankstelle Thomas Springer (LPGSchlossstraße 63-6412165Berlin-Steglitz
Hoyer Tank-TreffAlbrechtstraße 112a12167Berlin-Steglitz
Streiber & Beetz Vertragsfr.Waidmannsluster Damm 713507Berlin-Tegel
HEM TankstelleSaatwinkler Damm 6213627Berlin-Tegel
Total TankstelleBulgarische Str. 912435Berlin-Treptow
STAR Tankstelle Kerstin SchiffmannOraniendamm 2813469Berlin-Waidmannslust
Esso StationIndira-Gandhi-Straße 7513053Berlin-Weißensee
HEM-TankstelleBerliner Allee 32013088Berlin-Weißensee
STAR TankstelleMalchower Chaussee 113088Berlin-Weißensee
ESSO TankstelleBundesallee 17610715Berlin-Wilmersdorf
Sprint Tank GmbHPotsdamer Strasse 10-1214163Berlin-Zehlendorf
Star TankstelleLindenthaler Allee 4214163Berlin-Zehlendorf
STAR TankstelleTeltower Damm 16414167Berlin-Zehlendorf

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