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It's not just about petrol and diesel anymore. It is not only car manufacturers that have to adapt and partially restructure their product portfolios in the transition to green mobility. The business model of petrol stations is also changing. In addition to petrol and diesel, some petrol stations have also been selling LPG (liquid autogas) for some time.

In the midst of the diesel crisis, many motorists are looking for alternatives. Diesel car registrations are steadily declining and most customers are switching to petrol cars. Registrations of electric and hybrid cars are also rising sharply. In contrast, autogas vehicles have hardly benefited so far, despite the fact that drivers could save money by doing so. According to data from the Federal Road Transport Authority, more than 95 per cent of newly registered passenger cars are powered by petrol or diesel. Energy change in the transport sector is still a long way off.

Autogas is more widespread and is distributed through a network of around 7,100 filling stations in Germany, which is almost half the number of petrol stations. Supply is therefore guaranteed throughout the country. Despite the tax advantages and the fact that the cost of fuel is about half, only about 420,000 drivers in Germany drive on LPG, a downward trend since 2013, or 0.9% of the more than 46 million cars in Germany. LPG sales fell by 6.8% last year, according to the German LPG Association (DVFG). "We attribute this to the fact that the tax advantage for LPG was only extended last year, just before the end of the legislative period," says the DVFG.

Nevertheless, LPG occupies the lion's share of alternative propulsion systems and suppliers see themselves on the right track. Last year saw a strong increase in new registrations, which has continued this year, at almost 13%. However, at this low level, high growth rates are rapidly being achieved.
Shell Station MNB Tankstellen GmbHAmsinckstr. 6020097Hamburg
Wilhelm Hoyer KG TanktreffSpaldingstraße 77-7920097Hamburg
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Sievekingsallee/Saling 3020535Hamburg
Esso StationSievekingsallee 7520535Hamburg
Shell Station Nitsch Tankstellen GmbHEiffestrasse 62620537Hamburg
SVG-Hamburg Norbert MahnkeBullerdeich 3620537Hamburg
HEM StationBergedorfer Str. 4821029Hamburg
Oil! TankstelleAm Beckerkamp 2121031Hamburg
Oil! TankstelleKirchenheerweg 16421037Hamburg
Shell Station Heinrich Riecken GmbHKirchwerder Landweg 54621037Hamburg
Star TankstelleBuxtehuder Str. 1a21073Hamburg
BAB-Tankstelle Harburger Berge WestA7 Hamburg -> Hannover21077Hamburg
PROGAS GmbH & Co. KGHohe-Schaar-Straße 621107Hamburg
BAB-Tankstelle Hamburg-Stillhorn OstA1, Kilometer 155,21109Hamburg
TOTAL AluminiumstrasseAluminiumstrasse 521129Hamburg
Autohaus Rubbert GmbHCuxhavener Straße 35521149Hamburg
Hoyer Tanktreff HH-HeimfeldCuxhavener Str.21149Hamburg
ESSO StationSchiffbeker Weg 29922043Hamburg
Shell StationJüthornstr. 4922043Hamburg
Fölster und Finck MitsubishiBullenkoppel 2022047Hamburg
Esso StationMundsburger Damm 2422087Hamburg
Gas Meier GmbHPappelallee 5322089Hamburg
JET TankstelleWandsbeker Chausee 22422089Hamburg
Hoyer Tank TreffBillbrookdeich 16522113Hamburg
Star TankstelleWöhlerstraße 422113Hamburg
Star TankstelleBargteheider Straße 6722143Hamburg
Esso TankstelleMeiendorfer Str. 8122145Hamburg
Shell StationBramfelder Chaussee 37022175Hamburg
SB - Tankstelle JOM GbRMaienweg 13922297Hamburg
ESSO StationFuhlsbüttler Strasse 222305Hamburg
Shell Station Tank & Shop GmbHAlsterkrugchaussee 43122335Hamburg
JET TankstelleBergstedter Chaussee 17522395Hamburg
Plumhoff & Vogel GmbH Auto-ServiceDuvenstedter Damm 4822397Hamburg
Star TankstelleLangenhorner Chaussee22415Hamburg
HEM-Tankstelle Gordon GibbKollaustr. 179 - 18122453Hamburg
Star TankstelleKollaustraße 170 - 17222453Hamburg
TC Tankcenter Groß BorstelBorsteler Chaussee 9522453Hamburg
Star TankstelleHolsteiner Chaussee 18222457Hamburg
Wohnwagen und ReisemobilserviceHolsteiner Chaussee 37322457Hamburg
STAR TankstellePinneberger Chaussee 7422523Hamburg
HEM TankstelleKieler Straße 361-36522525Hamburg
Jet TankstelleKieler Str. 26522525Hamburg
Star TankstelleKieler Str. 20622525Hamburg
Pink TankVizelinstraße 6422527Hamburg
Shell StationKollaustr. 3922529Hamburg
HEM-TankstelleLuruper Hauptstraße 7022547Hamburg
Star TankstelleFarnhornweg 46 a22547Hamburg
J. Wenk?s Automobil-ServiceAm Osdorfer Born 1722549Hamburg
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Stresemannstr. 32922761Hamburg
ESSO StationTheodorstrasse 122761Hamburg
Schröder Gas GmbH & Co.Ruhrstraße 3622761Hamburg
TOTAL TankstelleVon-Sauer-Straße 2722761Hamburg
Shell StationBehringstrasse 11222763Hamburg
Becker Automobile GmbH + Co. KGKuehnstraße 9122045Hamburg - Tonndorf
bft Tankstelle UtkuOsdorfer Landstr. 522607Hamburg / Groß-Flottbek
Propan-Gesellschaft mbHEschelsweg 822767Hamburg-Altona
Shell StationSchnackenburgallee 1222525Hamburg-Bahrenfeld
STAR TankstelleLuruper Chaussee 18-2222761Hamburg-Bahrenfeld
Esso-TankstelleBergedorfer Strasse 7521033Hamburg-Bergedorf
Esso TankstelleÜberseering 122297Hamburg-City Nord
Classic Tankstelle KrachtEidelstedter Weg 92 - 9420255Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
Esso StationPezolddamm 13622159Hamburg-Farmsen
Flughafen Hamburg GmbH EC-Weg beim Jäger (hinter22335Hamburg-Groß Bostel
Propan-Gesellschaft mbHHammer Deich 13420537Hamburg-Hamm
Shell-TankstelleCarl-Petersen-Straße 70 -20535Hamburg-Hamm-Nord
JET TankstelleGroßer Schippsee21073Hamburg-Harburg
Shell Station Yimporn GmbHWeusthoffstr. 3021075Hamburg-Harburg
Hoyer Tank-Treff HarburgNartenstraße 3121079Hamburg-Harburg
Esso-Tankstelle HarburgWinsener Str. 15821077Hamburg-Harburg/
Hoyer Tank-TreffNorderquerweg 1521037Hamburg-Kirchwerder
CLASSIC StationLangenhorner Chaussee22415Hamburg-Langenhorn
Star Tankstelle TürkkanReinbeker Redder 10421031Hamburg-Lohbrügge
Tank-Park Moorfleet Horst Ullrich e.k.Amandus-Stubbe-Str. 622113Hamburg-Moorfleet
Shell StationCuxhavener Str. 36121149Hamburg-Neugraben-
Nordoel-StationMeiendorfer Strasse 16822145Hamburg-Rahlstedt
Go-TankstelleSteilshooper Allee 922309Hamburg-Steilshoop
BAB-Tankstelle Hamburg-StillhornA1, Kilometer 155,21109Hamburg-Stillhorn
Esso-TankstelleAhrensburger Strasse 18922045Hamburg-Wandsbek
Hoyer Tanktreff WilhelmsburgGeorg-Wilhelm-Str. 33521107Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg
Nordoel Tankstelle HamburgGeorg-Wilhelm-Str. 20521107Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

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