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Liquid gas can be filled at more than 7100 service stations in Germany, according to the DVFG. Across Europe, this is even possible at 40,000 filling stations. Thus, the range of LPG vehicles has increased significantly in recent years.

The cost of LPG conversion varies depending on the engine type: "It depends on the cylinders. We start at 1,900 euros for the four-cylinder and end at 3,500 euros for the Porsche Cayenne's 4.8-liter engine with direct injection."

Depending on driving style and vehicle type, up to 400 kilometers can be covered on one tank of LPG with today's tank sizes. With bivalent gas vehicles (gasoline and gas), the total range can increase to 900 kilometers. However, the consumption of LPG increases by up to 20% compared to gasoline. The price of LPG in Stuttgart, for example, is currently a favorable 0.57 euros per liter of LPG. A realistic price of 0.69 euros results if one adds the additional consumption.

Only gasoline engines are suitable for conversion to gas. For a long time, there were restrictions on gasoline engines with direct injection because the injection nozzles can overheat in gas mode. "No engine that comes from the factory is gas-tight. So you have to protect them with software," Mies says. "Actually, there is only me left as a pure autogas workshop in the Stuttgart area. After a few years, we understood how to protect the engine so that nothing happens.

LPG Autogas filling stations in stuttgart

Thermogas GmbHTalstraße 11770188Stuttgart
AGIP Service StationAugsburger Str. 23170327Stuttgart
RAN TankstelleHedelfinger Straße 1770327Stuttgart
Agip StationNürnberger Str. 1870347Stuttgart
Esso Jaspers GmbHStrohgäustr. 1670435Stuttgart
Sprint-Tankstelle STEGRU GmbHRotweg 28 - 3270437Stuttgart
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Heilbronner Str. 28970469Stuttgart
Mr. WashHeilbronner Strasse 30970469Stuttgart
OMV Stuttgart-FlughafenFlughafenstr. 7070629Stuttgart
OMV Station Kadir YavuzAldinger Straße 7470378Stuttgart, OT Mühlhausen
AGIP Tankstelle Dehn & Co. KGSchmidener Str. 25570374Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
OMV TankstelleEpplestraße 5570597Stuttgart-Degerloch
ESSO Station HeckSchelmenwasenstr. 770567Stuttgart-Fasanenhof
Esso Station Jaspers GmbHRappachstr. 170499Stuttgart-Giebel
Freie Tankstelle -AutoportHafenbahnstraße 1570329Stuttgart-Obertürkheim
JET TankstelleNeuhauser Str. 50b70599Stuttgart-Plieningen
OMV-TankstelleFreihofstraße 7770439Stuttgart-Stammheim
Autogastankstelle Diane JacobiMercedesstraße 136 (PWI)70546Stuttgart-Untertürkheim
Jet-StationIndustriestraße 3870565Stuttgart-Vaihingen

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