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Autogas is not only good for the environment, but also for the wallet. However, anyone who wants to switch to a gas-powered engine should understand the technology and know the differences and advantages.

In the context of increasing electrification, LPG is often forgotten. Many drivers still wince to a greater or lesser extent at the mention of gas as an alternative fuel. Because of its comparatively low prevalence, there is still a fairly common ignorance on the subject - all the more so since the media focus in the recent past has been mainly on e-mobility as the supposedly most promising alternative for the future. Yet there are various good arguments in favour of gas propulsion. In addition to the cost savings, the alternative drive systems offer one major advantage: they burn cleaner than petrol and therefore emit less carbon dioxide. Before deciding on a variant, however, it is important to inform oneself carefully and to know the differences. Gas-powered cars are not profitable for everyone. "If you only drive on motorways with a lead foot, gas propulsion is hardly worthwhile.

Unlike petrol engines, consumption increases exponentially at high speeds," says Michael Kruttschnitt from TÜV Süd. Even those who drive only a few thousand kilometres a year are better off with a conventional petrol engine.

However, the additional price for the drive technologies with LPG amortises relatively quickly in any case. This is mainly due to the extremely favourable fuel costs. The Bundestag extended the tax concession for types of gas, which is due to expire in the next decade. A reduced energy tax now applies to LPG up to and including 2022. A litre of LPG currently costs around 60 cents, a kilogramme of natural gas just over one euro. For ten euros you can drive more than twice as far as in a petrol-powered car for the same amount of money. And the LPG driver still gets further than if he were to drive a diesel. In terms of performance, both drive concepts fall slightly behind comparable petrol or diesel models. However, the differences are usually only slight, so that they are of no consequence in everyday driving. Even the currently not particularly dense filling station networks of Cologne do not pose a major problem: All gas-powered vehicles offered in the passenger car segment in Germany are bivalent - they can therefore also be driven on petrol. Depending on the model, switching between gas and petrol operation is either automatic when the gas supply is exhausted or manual via a switch in the cockpit.

LPG Autogas filling stations in cologne

Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral-AG)Riehler Straße 12-1450668Köln
Shell StationNeusser Str. 15350733Köln
McGasNeusser Land Str 250735Köln
Aral StationBoltensternstraße 35050735Köln
Star TankstelleSebastianstr. 2450735Köln
AVEX TankstelleKonrad-Hausmann Str. 250767Köln
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Maarweg 12650825Köln
Gerhard von Umbscheiden GmbH &von-Hünefeld-Str. 4a50829Köln
Westfalen-TankstelleSpenrather Weg 150829Köln
ARAL Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Vogelsanger Weg 4650858Köln
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral-AG)Aachener Straße50858Köln
Autogas-Center-KölnAachener Str. 100750858Köln
Star TankstelleBrühler Str. 22350968Köln
Total TankstelleBonner Str. 417-42550968Köln
Autohaus Amian GmbH & Co. KGZollstockgürtel 4150969Köln
SVG Nordrhein eGAm Eifeltor 150997Köln
Sadrettin HirlakBroichstr. 28-3251009Köln
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Bergisch-Gladbacher51067Köln
Mundorf TankstelleRolshover Straße 42051105Köln
Tankstelle Zeynel HariklarSchmittgasse 4451143Köln
Mundorf TankstelleNordallee/Flughafen51147Köln
Premio Reifen W. Johann GmbHAlbin-Köbis-Str. 351147Köln
Shell Station Claudio Maggetti GmbHHeidestr. 146-15051147Köln
Aral Tankstelle Jürgen SchäferAlter Deutzer Postweg 10251149Köln
EKTRA GmbHNeuenhofstr. 251149Köln
Total StationHolzmarkt 4950676Köln-Altstadt
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Am Verteilerkreis50968Köln-Bayental
Weyrich Mineralöltransport GmbH,Broichstr. 28 - 3251109Köln-Brück
Agri V Raiffeisen eGBergisch Gladbacher Str.51069Köln-Dellbrück
Esso Station an der KölnarenaDeutz-Kalker-Str. 10350679Köln-Deutz
Knauber Mineralöl GmbH & Co. KGLiebigstr. 5650823Köln-Ehrenfeld
Freie Tankstelle Hans PfaffrathEduard-ter-Meerstr. 1a51061Köln-Flittard
Auto-Service Hans-Jürgen FaulBunsenstr. 150997Köln-Godorf
ARAL Station (LPG der Aral AG)Rolshoverstrasse 18351105Köln-Gremberg
Auto Service UngewitterBrauweilerstr. 150859Köln-Lövenich
Maxus / Globus Handelshof St.Max-Planck-Str. 950858Köln-Marsdorf
Agri V Raiffeisen eGBrühler Landstr. 40750997Köln-Meschenich
Autohaus BehrendtBertoldistr. 1551065Köln-Mülheim
Tankhof Braun OHGIltisstr. 14050825Köln-Neuehrenfeld
Autogas-Vertrieb-Bonn GmbHBoltensternstr. 12850735Köln-Niehl
Coelln Gas GmbHWaffenschmidtstr. 250769Köln-Pesch
STAR Tankstelle Georgios GotovosSiegburger Str. 40651105Köln-Poll
STAR TankstelleWaldstraße 148-15051147Köln-Porz
Ektra GmbHNiederkasseler Str. 851147Köln-Porz-Lind
Aral StationDüsseldorfer Str. 49151061Köln-Stammheim
Aral TankstelleZollstockgürtel 3950969Köln-Zollstock

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