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Cost-effective and climate-friendly mobility with a practical range and short refueling times are simple and convincing arguments, whether for private cars, company cars, buses in public transport and intercity transport or in the logistics sector with distribution and long-distance transport with truck fleets. The EU is also pushing hard on the LPG issue, to make the heavy goods transport sector, which consumes a lot of diesel and generates a lot of emissions, more environmentally friendly. An adequate and growing network of filling stations creates the best conditions for the various purposes and security of supply. Fuels made from bio-LPG reduce CO2 emissions by more than 90% compared to liquid fossil fuels. Since all vehicles powered by Autogas can easily be operated with the chemically identical bio variant, almost climate-neutral mobility and defossilization of traffic can be achieved. In any case, the drive and fuel are inherently low-emission.

The number of LPG filling stations in Munich increased in recent years, corresponding to a percentage of +8.1, also thanks to an EU directive for the development of an infrastructure for alternative propulsion systems. And the trend is continuing. But not only did the infrastructure expand, the number of users and the number of vehicles - despite the negative effects of the pandemic - also increased substantially: some 56,400 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were added, as well as more than 4,200 buses and almost 7,700 trucks. Support measures, such as the temporary toll exemption for heavy goods vehicles and the exchange and bonus programs, also help in this regard and give additional impetus to environmentally and climate-friendly mobility. Favorable fuel prices, some of them without CO2 tax surcharge, do the rest to convince fleet managers and controllers. With this unbeatable combination of economy and ecology, the goal of low-emission and climate-neutral mobility is already well on track.

Autogas is more widespread and is distributed through a network of some 7,100 filling stations in Germany, which is almost half the number of gasoline stations. Supply is therefore guaranteed throughout the country. Despite the tax advantages and the fact that the cost of fuel is about half, only about 420,000 drivers in Germany drive with LPG, with a downward trend since 2013, i.e. 0.9% of the more than 46 million cars in Germany. LPG sales fell by 6.8% last year, according to the German LPG Association (DVFG). "We attribute this to the fact that the tax advantage for LPG was not extended until last year, shortly before the end of the legislature," says the DVFG.

When it comes to switching to LPG, you have to pay attention to many factors.There are many LPG converters in the Munich area, but few are professionals. However, I must also say that we have seen many perfectly converted vehicles abroad. But you have to be careful, because often gas systems installed abroad cannot be accepted in Germany. If you decide to convert your LPG system abroad, be aware that you will have to have it type-approved in Germany at your own expense. The fact that the countries are in the EU does not matter in this case.

LPG Autogas filling stations in munich

Esso Station Jörg MinnekenArnulfstr. 27980639München
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Garmischer Straße 13880686München
Total TankstelleMoosacher Str. 3680809München
Sprint TankstelleSitulistr. 3680939München
Walmart-TankstelleMaria-Probst-Str. 680939München
H&H AutogasDachauer Str. 55880995München
JET TankstelleVerdistraße 14281247München
Süd Treibstoff MergenVerdistr. 12481247München
Bavaria PetrolBodenseestr. 31781249München
Esso-Tankstelle Schnaubelt GmbHWaldwiesenstr. 3981375München
ALLGUTH TankstelleBoschetsrieder Straße 13981379München
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Tegernseer Landstr. 17481539München
ALLGUTH FilialeChiemgaustr. 18581549München
AgipInnsbrucker Ring 14981669München
OMV Tank und WaschcenterInnsbrucker Ring 15381669München
OMV TankstelleOttobrunner Straße 11681737München
ALLGUTH FilialeKreillerstraße 22081825München
Aral Tankstelle Vewag mbHOtto-Oerutz-Str. 1-381829München
BAVARIA petrolRichard-Strauß-Str. 7081679München-Bogenhausen
OMV TankstelleCosimastrasse 1081927München-Bogenhausen
Gas & More MünchenEugen-Sänger-Ring 985649München-Brunnthal
OMV-Tankstelle Johann DrexlerErdinger Allee 285356München-Flughafen
Jakob H. Aigner Kfz-ServiceKistlerhofstrasse 25981379München-Fürstenried/
Allguth Filiale Herr DerschTriebstraße 3580993München-Moosach
AGIPOberföhringer Straße 17881925München-Oberföhring
Allguth Filialevon - Kahr - Str. 180997München-Obermenzing
OMVVerdistraße 6881247München-Obermenzing
Shell Station Andreas NamendorfBodenseestrasse 4081243München-Pasing
SPRINT TankstelleRiemer Str. 33981829MünchenRiem
Aral Center (LPG der Aral AG)Schenkendorfstraße 1580807München-Schwabing

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