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Away from the reviled diesel engine, towards alternative powertrains: this is the maxim of many motorists today when looking for a new car to ease their environmental conscience. Regular drivers know the advantages of diesel: its particularly efficient combustion and high economy. Those who switch to a gasoline engine have to reckon with higher fuel consumption and higher fuel costs, not to mention higher CO2 emissions. In this context, gas vehicles want to be the smart solution: they promise favorable mobility with low fuel costs and low emissions.

LPG combustion produces less CO2, according to all studies. Last year, the ADAC produced a comprehensive CO2 balance of all vehicle types, taking into account the entire vehicle life cycle and including climate-relevant emissions from the source to the vehicle tank. According to the study, a gasoline engine of the compact class produces 30,000 kilograms of CO2 over 150,000 kilometers. LPG reduces this with 27,000 kilograms. As for nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, the measurements made by the ADAC two years ago are interesting. In this case, the VW Golf 1.2 TSI with gasoline engine stood at 16 milligrams per kilometer, while the Autogas one reduced emissions.

But Autogas advocates win with another card: the possibility of integrating renewable energies. BioGLP is produced from feedstocks such as plants, liquid manure and organic waste as a byproduct of biogas production. These are fermented to obtain biogas. The biogas can be used to generate electricity and heat, or it can be further processed by desulfurizing it and capturing the CO2 it contains. The result is biogas, which, when burned, releases only the amount of CO2 that the processed plants bind during their growth. BioGLP can be used without restrictions in Autogas cars. Pure bioGLP is already available at Autogas filling stations in Frankfurt, and bioGLP is mixed at every third Autogas dispenser.

The Autogas drive is an inexpensive, already available and sustainable climate protection. LPG is an important element in the decarbonization of vehicles. Meanwhile, LPG is the first alternative fuel. Thus, at the beginning of the year, the Federal Road Transport Authority counted 47 million passenger cars in Germany with conventional propulsion systems and 395,000 LPG vehicles. The tax reduction in Germany for LPG was extended until the end of 2022.

LPG Autogas filling stations in frankfurt

Rainer Häusler GmbH, SubaruWeisbachstr. 4 - 660314Frankfurt
Shell Station TSS GmbHHanauer Landstr. 33460314Frankfurt
Total Nordend WestEckenheimer Landstr. 18160320Frankfurt
Roth StationBorsigallee 3160388Frankfurt
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Friedberger Landstr. 32560389Frankfurt
Auto OpitzAm weißen Stein 1060431Frankfurt
Oil! Tankstelle Peter DietrichEschersheimer Str. 45860433Frankfurt
Shell Station A. Vogelsang TankstellenErich-Ollenhauer-Ring 860439Frankfurt
ARAL StationLyoner Str. 7060528Frankfurt
Shell StationNiederräderufer 5160528Frankfurt
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Darmstädter Landstraße60598Frankfurt
AGIP Station Infraserv HöchstIndustriepark Höchst Tor65926Frankfurt
ARAL Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Mainzer Landstr. 54565933Frankfurt
Autohaus Muth Co. GmbHWesterbachstr. 29565936Frankfurt
BFT TankstelleKurmainzer Str. 6565936Frankfurt
Shell Station Hengstermann GmbHWesterbachstr. 20465936Frankfurt
Aral-Station (LPG der ARAL AG)Ludwig-Landmann-Str. 9060488Frankfurt (am Main) -
Drachen-Propangas GmbHDieselstr. 1860314Frankfurt / Main
BAB-Tankstelle Michael Reis (LPGA 66, Richtung65929Frankfurt a. M.
HESSOL TankstelleMax-Holder-Str. 260437Frankfurt am Main
Aral Tankstelle (LPG der Aral AG)Kennedyallee 28060528Frankfurt am Main
top carRheinlandstr. 360529Frankfurt am Main
Shell StationKennedyallee 12060596Frankfurt am Main
Reifen DiehlMainzer Landstr. 52965933Frankfurt am Main
Autogas-Frankfurt GmbHOffenbacher Landstr. 56960599Frankfurt am Main-
Agip StationVilbeler Landstrasse 24860388Frankfurt am Main-Bergen-
JET TankstelleBorsigallee 2960388Frankfurt/Main
W & P Brandschutz (Tankautomat)Königsteiner Str. 12365929Frankfurt/Main, OT Höchst
Gase-SobothMorsestraße 2860486Frankfurt-Bockenheim
Esso Station OstendorffSpessartstr. 22 - 2460385Frankfurt-Bornheim
ARAL Tankstelle Wolfgang LöserHomburger Landstraße 4260435Frankfurt-Bornheim
BFT -TankstelleIn der Römerstadt 7460439Frankfurt-Heddernheim
Tankstation RödelheimWesterbachstraße 6060489Frankfurt-Rödelheim

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