Hydrogen Stations in france, Map and List

Hydrogen Stations in france in

Hydrogen Stations in france in

The hydrogen industry, still in its infancy, has a bright future in France in the coming years. The boosting plan announced by the French government envisages €7.2 billion of investment in this energy between now and 2030, including €2 billion in 2021 and 2022. The objective? To provide the national territory with a network of refueling stations with sufficient hydrogen supply to allow the use of hydrogen vehicles. This would involve the creation of refueling stations associated with production and storage units to cover the hydrogen needs of road (cars, buses, coaches, trucks), maritime and rail transport.

The French hydrogen industry still faces many challenges to make the use of hydrogen fuel in heavy mobility profitable: more competitive prices, validation of fuel cell technologies for heavy vehicles still at the prototype stage at several specialized manufacturers, etc.

With no pollutant or carbon dioxide emissions, hydrogen vehicles fit perfectly into the current ecological transition. They are thus exempt from the traffic restrictions that have been tightened over the years in France, as part of the energy renewal of fleets in circulation. Hydrogen-powered vehicles offer the same performance as their combustion counterparts, but are much quieter than their combustion counterparts. They therefore ensure quiet driving in urban areas.

As an indication, the average consumption of the hydrogen engine of a light vehicle allows to travel about 100 kilometers with 1 kilo of this fuel with a range of between 600 and 800 kilometers, which would put them on a par with diesel engine models.

With the acquisition of the DHF hydrogen filling stations, Everfuel has taken an important step towards becoming a key player in the deployment of hydrogen technology in the transport sector in france. With the establishment of the DHF, Strandmøllen, NEL and OK have given a major boost to the introduction of hydrogen in transport. I am looking forward to continuing the work of spreading hydrogen as a propellant in cooperation with the three players, says Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel.

Map of hydrogen filling stations in france

List of hydrogen filling stations in france

BréhémontRue des Déportés37130 BréhémontIndre-et-Loire200 bar
TourlavilleToulaville5011 TourlavilleBasse-Normandie350 bar
SAINT-LO98 Route de Candol50000 SAINT-LOBasse-Normandie350 bar
Bretteville-sur-OdonRue Jules Vedrine14760 Bretteville-sur-OdonBasse-Normandie350 bar
Pont-EvequeRue Georges Clémenceau14130 Pont-EvequeBasse-Normandie350 bar
Octeville-sur-MerRoute de la Chenaie76930 Octeville-sur-MerHaute-Normandie350 bar
LillebonneRue de Bossaye76170 LillebonneHaute-Normandie350 bar
ROUENPlace du Boulingrin76100 ROUENHaute-Normandie350 bar
Val-de-ReuilAvenue des métiers27100 Val-de-ReuilHaute-Normandie350 bar
LE VIEIL EVREUXRue Maryse Bastier27930 LE VIEIL EVREUXHaute-Normandie350-700 bar
DouainsAvenue du capitaine de Vandièe27120 DouainsHaute-Normandie350 bar
ROISSY-EN-FranceAeroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG)95700 ROISSY-EN-FranceÎle-de-France350 bar
CHEVILLY-LARUEMarché International de Rungis94550 CHEVILLY-LARUEÎle-de-France350 bar
NANTES70 Rue du Bêle44300 NANTESPays de la Loire350 bar
SORIGNYPlace Antoine de Saint-Exupéry37250 SORIGNYIndre-et-Loire350 bar
LYONPort de Lyon Edouard Herriot69000 LYONRhône-Alpes350-700 bar
LYON2B Rue de Dijon69007 LYONRhône-Alpes350 bar
ALIXANMaison Blanche26300 ALIXANRhône-Alpes350 bar
ONET-LE-CHATEAURoute de Rodez12850 ONET-LE-CHATEAUMidi-Pyrénées350 bar
TOULOUSERoute d'Albi31200 TOULOUSEMidi-Pyrénées350-700 bar
BREGAILLONPort de Toulon83500 BREGAILLONProvence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur350 bar
SIGNESCircuit Paul Ricard83870 SIGNESProvence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur350 bar
GRENOBLERue Felix Esclangon38000 GRENOBLERhône-Alpes700 bar
CHAMBERYRue des Epinettes73000 CHAMBERYRhône-Alpes700 bar
Paray-Vieille-PosteOrly Ouest94390 Paray-Vieille-PosteÎle-de-France700 bar
Les Loges-en-JosasRue de la Croix Blanche78350 Les Loges-en-JosasÎle-de-France700 bar
Mitry-MoryMitry-Mory77290 Mitry-MoryÎle-de-France700 bar
PARISAvenue Georges Laffont75016 PARISÎle-de-France700 bar
PARISPlace de l'Alma75008 PARISÎle-de-France700 bar

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