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The hydrogen industry in France, still nascent, has a bright future in France in the coming years. The boost plan announced by the French Government foresees 7.2 billion euros of investment in this energy between now and 2030. The objective? Provide the national territory with a network of service stations with sufficient hydrogen supply to allow the use of hydrogen vehicles. This would imply the creation of service stations associated with production and storage units to cover the hydrogen needs of road transport (cars, buses, coaches, trucks), maritime and rail transport.

The French hydrogen industry still faces many challenges to make the use of hydrogen fuel in heavy mobility profitable: more competitive prices, validation of fuel cell technologies for heavy vehicles still in the prototype phase in several specialized manufacturers, etc. .

As an indication, the average consumption of the hydrogen engine of a light vehicle allows it to travel about 100 kilometers with 1 kilo of this fuel with a range of between 600 and 800 kilometers, which would put it on par with models with a diesel engine.

In December 2023 there were 32 hydrogen refueling points in France open to the public. There are more projects to open hydrogen stations in France that will be implemented throughout 2024 and 2025.


Address of the Hydrogen filling Stations in France in

List of Hydrogen Stations in France
ENGIEMaison BlancheAlixan
HympulsionChemin du Moulon InférieurAubenas
Station HydrogèneRue des EpinettesChambery
ENGIEMarché International de Rungis, Rue du jourChevilly-La Rue
DyneffA61 - Aire de Toulouse Sud Sud, Autoroute des Deux Mers Sens Toulouse NarbonneDeyme
AirLiquideZone Industrielle de Fos le TonkinFos sur Mer
AirLiquideRue Felix EsclangonGrenoble
EDFBoulevard Marcel PaulHerblain
Vendèe Energie108 Route de NantesLa Roche sur Yon
EAS-HyMobRue Maryse BastierLe Vieil Evreux
AirLiquideRue de la Croix BlancheLes Loges-en-Josas
Vendèe EnergieZA La VannerieLes Sables d´Olonne
EAS-HyMobRue de BossayeLillebonne
ENGIE2B Rue de DijonLyon
ENGIEPort de Lyon Edouard Herriot, 1 Rue de DoleLyon
HympulsionAvenue Clément AderLyon Saint Priest
AirLiquideAéroport Roissy Charles de Gaulle Mitry-Mory
HympulsionChemin de la DigueMoutiers
McPhy70 Rue du BêleNantes
McPhy1 Chemin d'Edreville N 33Octeville-sur-Mer
AirLiquideAvenue de l'AéroportParay-Vieille-Poste
AirLiquidePlace de l'AlmaParis
HysetCo22 Av. Dode de la BrunerieParis
EAS-HyMobRue Georges ClémenceauPont-L´Eveque

Complete Map of Stations with Hydrogen in France

Complete List of Stations with Hydrogen in France

News about Stations with Hydrogen in France

  • January 12, 2022

If the supply of hydrogen-powered vehicles is increasing, it must be easy to refuel. Apart from choosing a private hydrogen station, the public network is striving to grow. After the first station in 2015, there will be 30 public stations by 2022, with another ten planned. Ten are in Normandy, six in the Paris region and six in the Lyon-Chambéry-Grenoble-Valence area.

If the infrastructure is having difficulty developing, it is because companies and local authorities favor fully electric vehicles. However, the European Union has big ambitions for 2030. European Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean wants "one station at least every 150 kilometres". In this way, a goal of 60,000 trucks on the road would be reached. France Hydrogen is targeting 300,000 cars and vans in its "Ambition 2030" scenario, as well as 5,000 trucks and buses.


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