Hydrogen Stations in indonesia, Map and List

Hydrogen Stations in indonesia in

Hydrogen Stations in indonesia in

Hydrogen is the most common and abundant element on the planet. It is therefore a key point that could help decarbonize the automotive sector. Despite this, and the efforts of numerous automobile manufacturers over the last few decades, the hydrogen-powered car has not managed to reach the general public.

For example, there are hardly any refueling stations in indonesia capable of supplying hydrogen, something that will change thanks to the agreement signed for the installation of a hydrogen refueling station for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, good news for this fuel with hardly any presence in our country.

To date only one hydrogen fuel cell car is sold in indonesia: the Hyundai Nexo, which with a cost of 79,000 dollars and the practical impossibility of refueling in our country, its presence is barely testimonial. However, Toyota markets in other countries the Mirai, a sedan with hydrogen fuel cell that has thousands of followers worldwide.

Another key point of this agreement is also the launch of the first fleet of 12 units of Toyota Mirai, which will be the first 12 units of this Japanese model with capacity to travel more than 500 kilometers with a hydrogen refueling, refueling in less than 5 minutes. Will this be the push to this technology in Indonesia?

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