Hydrogen Stations in ireland in

Hydrogen Stations in ireland in

Hydrogen Mobility Ireland (HMI) has announced that it has begun testing a hydrogen-powered bus in the Dublin area. the 60kW Toyota fuel cell bus will be the first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) to be used in public transport in Ireland.

The bus is participating in the U.S. Department of Transportation's Low Emission Bus Test. The vehicle will be tested by Bus √Čireann, Dublin Bus, Dublin City University (DCU) and Dublin Airport on various routes in Dublin City from November to mid-December. The results will be used to inform the decision making process for the transition of Ireland's public transport system to low emission fuels and technologies.

This cutting-edge technology is expected to contribute to climate change mitigation in Ireland, particularly in the transport sector. The zero-emission bus, Caetano H2.CityGold, is fueled by environmentally friendly hydrogen (H2) produced in Dublin by BOC Gases Ireland Ltd using renewable electricity and water. The fuel cell bus can be refueled in a matter of minutes just like a conventional bus. Inside the fuel cell, the hydrogen molecules in the fuel combine with the oxygen molecules in the air to produce electricity. The only emission of this vehicle is water.

Eamonn Ryan, Minister for Climate Change, Communications Networks and Transport, said: "The carbon footprint of public transport is very high. "Switching to cleaner and greener technology for city bus fleets is essential if we are to further reduce the carbon footprint of public transport and reduce urban air pollutant emissions. As part of its National Development Plan, Ireland has committed to moving away from purchasing diesel-only buses to a lower emission alternative.

Minister Ryan said, "I welcome the commissioning of the hydrogen fuel cell electric bus, H2.City Gold, supported by Hydrogen Mobility Ireland and CaetanoBus. The bus will run on hydrogen produced in Dublin by BOC Gases and will emit only water from its exhaust. The trial will give us a real insight into the performance, refuelling and environmental impact of this innovative technology, as well as giving us the opportunity to compare it with other bus technologies that have already been tested. Mark Tivon, Chairman of Hydrogen Mobility Ireland, said:" Hydrogen Mobility Ireland was set up last year by a group of companies who had been campaigning for the introduction of fuel cell transport. At the end of the year we announced our plans to do just that, and now we're focused on putting them into practice. This eight-week trial is the beginning of this new phase, and we are aiming to launch our first hydrogen station and hydrogen vehicles in 2023. We believe that hydrogen fuel cell transportation is critical to meeting the goals of the government's 2019 Climate Action Plan, and we have worked closely with the Ministry of Transport and other government officials from the beginning of the rollout." The trial will allow the technology to be tested in a routine driving environment and during a challenging climatic period, and will provide valuable insight into the potential for widespread use in Ireland. DCU/CIE is also keen to seek input and feedback from bus users.

The launch of this trial is an important step, and several double-decker fuel cell buses are scheduled to be tested by the National Transport Authority early next year. Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, HMI member Energia will soon begin producing H2 for road transport at a wind farm in County Antrim, which will be used to fuel fuel fuel cell buses in Belfast. The increasing pace of development confirms that hydrogen for road transport is gradually entering the supply phase. Hydrogen is expected to play an important role in the decarbonization of many sectors of the economy, not just transportation. HMI members are working together to produce hydrogen from green energy, a nationwide network of hydrogen filling stations, and a wide range of cars, vans, buses, trucks, and even trains. HMI members work together to provide a wide range of vehicles, including cars, vans, buses, trucks, and even trains.

Hydrogen Stations in ireland

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