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Hydrogen Stations in turkey in

Hydrogen Stations in turkey in

Somewhat more than a quarter of Turkey's total final energy consumption in 2018 is related to transportation. The sector's energy demand is 99% based on petroleum products, with a low penetration of green vehicles the transport sector in Turkey is the largest consumer of petroleum derivatives

However, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) still have a niche presence in the current trend although the lack of hydrogen supply stations does not allow hydrogen consumption in road vehicles. Current hydrogen applications, such as forklifts used in warehouses, buses or trains, can be used as a fuel source, buses or trains can be used as a basis for the creation of a small network of hydrogen refueling stations.

The plans to boost the network of public hydrogen fueling stations also affect Turkey, which is one of the countries with the greatest potential for developing hydrogen consumption for automotive applications.

In the decarbonization of the transport sector in Turkey, green hydrogen energy will be key as it will be more feasible to install hydrogen fuels in the will be key as the installation of a network of refueling stations in the country will be more feasible than the transformation of electricity grids in the rural areas of a country with large and developing areas. In the context of Turkey's national energy and climate strategies, green hydrogen is needed. A strategy needs to be developed by the Turkish government to make hydrogen a reality in the country in the medium term.

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