Hydrogen Stations in china, Map and List

Hydrogen Stations in china in

Hydrogen Stations in china in

During the period of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Sinopec aims to build 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations to become the first hydrogen supplier for China's automobile industry. With the vision and goal of building a world-leading clean energy chemical enterprise, Sinopec has made every effort to build an industrial structure without relying on oil, and to comprehensively promote the construction of the entire hydrogen energy industrial chain.

Great progress has also been made in hydrogen materials in other fields. At present, the annual hydrogen production capacity exceeds 3.9 million tons, accounting for about 11% of China's domestic hydrogen production. There are 6 sets of hydrogen purification production plants in Guangzhou Petrochemical, Gaoqiao Petrochemical and other enterprises, and 22 hydrogen refueling stations have been built in 14 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, including Guangdong and Shanghai. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations will be planned, and the number of newly built hydrogen refueling stations is expected to reach 100 soon.

The development of hydrogen as an alternative energy source for transportation is a priority in China, hence the ambitious plan to create the world's largest network of hydrogen refueling stations by 2030. By then a network of at least 1,000 refueling stations is planned

Faced with the crisis of fossil energy depletion and the challenge of environmental problems, it is an inevitable trend of development to replace non-renewable fossil energies with new energies. Hydrogen energy has an important place in the future clean energy system. It has the advantages of wide sources, high calorific value, purity and non-pollution, various forms of use and large-scale stable storage. The automotive hydrogen energy industry chain mainly includes hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation and hydrogen refueling stations, etc.

Map of hydrogen filling stations in china

List of hydrogen filling stations in china

Lu'anCountry RdYu'an DistrictLu'anAnhui
HualingChaoshan W RdYushan DistrictMa'anshanAnhui
YangqingHubei E RdYanqing DistrictYangqingBeijing
Changping BAIC FOTONXueshang RdChangping DistrictChangpingBeijing
Beijing Sinohytec17 Fengde E RdHaidian DistrictHaidianBeijing
Daxing Hydrogen EnergyDali RdDaxing DistrictBeijingBeijing
LuodingHongwei RdLuodingYunfuGuangdong
YunfuHuanshi Middle RdYuncheng DistrictYunfuGuangdong
West GuanghaiGuanghai W AveSanshui DistrictFoshanGuangdong
FoshanBaini Jinben AveSanshui DistrictFoshanGuangdong
NaihaiDanzao AveNanhai DistrictFoshanGuangdong
GengheCountry RdGaoming DistrictFoshanGuangdong
North BeixinUpper Beixin RdNanhai DistrictFoshanGuangdong
JiujiangJiujiang AveNanhai DistrictFoshanGuangdong
HejiaoHejiao AveChancheng DistrictFoshanGuangdong
Zhangkeng OilCountry RdChancheng DistrictFoshanGuangdong
LangshaZhangcha Industrial No.2 Zone 2nd RdChancheng DistrictFoshanGuangdong
JinhongHebin RdChancheng DistrictFoshanGuangdong
Foshan SonggangDuning RdShunde DistrictFoshanGuangdong
Foshan LicunXinxing RdShunde DistrictFoshanGuangdong
TaoyuanQizan RdShunde DistrictFoshanGuangdong
BroadoceanDongyuan S Rd ZhongshanGuangdong
NankangQiaoxing AvePanyu DistrictGuangzhouGuangdong
Donghui XiweiZhongshan W AveTianhe DistrictGuangzhouGuangdong
GuangzhouChenjialin RdZengcheng DistrictGuangzhouGuangdong
KohodoS Ring RdBao'an DistrictShenzhenGuangdong
XingshunXinrong RdShunde DistrictFoshanGuangdong
ShenzhenFuhua 3rd RdFutian DistrictShenzhenGuangdong
Foshan SanshuiHotel RdSanshui DistrictFoshanGuangdong
University GamesRenmin N RdLuohu DistrictShenzhenGuangdong
LaibinWuyi RdXingbin DistrictLaibinGuangxi
Qionghai YinfengFuhai Rd QionghaiHainan
HyPowerZhanqian W StQiaodong DistrictZhangjiakouHebei
Zhangjiakou HaiboerXuanhua RdQiaodong DistrictZhangjiakouHebei
HBISFuxing RdFuxing DistrictHandanHebei
ZhangjiakouZhangcheng Expressway EntranceQiaodong DistrictZhangjiakouHebei
GaocunWenhua N RdJinshui DistrictZhengzhouHenan
YutongTianrong RdJinshui DistrictZhengzhouHenan
MaozhuangShilipu StJinshui DistrictZhengzhouHenan
West HuaiheHuaihe W RdZhongyuan DistrictZhengzhouHenan
ShiyanBeijing Middle RdMaojian DistrictShiyanHubei
TielongAnju RdJiang'an DistrictWuhanHubei
Wuhan ZhongjiLaowuhuang RdHongshanWuhanHubei
Wuhan XiongzhongZongbu AveHannan DistrictWuhanHubei
Wuhai ChemicalQianlishan StHaibowan DistrictWuhaiInner Mongolia
ChuangyongYingbin S RdTinghu DistrictYanchengJiangsu
Shenua RugaoMingchang RdRugaoNantongJiangsu
BingShibei Central LineRugaoNantongJiangsu
SAIC MAXUS230 Provincial Rd Side RdBinhu DistrictWuxiJiangsu
Re-FireSuolan N RdChangshuSuzhouJiangsu
TMECBeimen RdKunshanSuzhouJiangsu
Baicheng9 Wenhua E RdTaobei DistrictBaichengJilin
Yanbian GuotaiGuanghua RdYanjiYanbian Korean Autonomous PrefectureJilin
Dalian TongXin HRSJinquan StShahekou DistrictDalianLiaoning
Shenggang Comprehensive EnergyShengli RdXigang DistrictDalianLiaoning
BaozhuangTianqu Middle RdDecheng DistrictDezhouShandong
ZhongtongWeiyu N RdDongchangfu DistrictLiaochengShandong
HowoSankong Bridge StTianqiao DistrictJinanShandong
Yanjia GasFukang StHuantai CountyZiboShandong
Zibo Energy GroupeTaiji RdHuantai CountyZiboShandong
Bus HubNanjia RdZhangdian DistrictZiboShandong
WeichaW Outer Ring RdWeicheng DistrictWeifangShandong
WeichaDaokou S StKuiwen DistrictWeifangShandong
Weifang HongjiWei'an RdKuiwen DistrictWeifangShandong
Dongpo - RenminXing'an RdAnqiuWeifangShandong
Scientific ResearchG22 Qinglan ExpyChengyang DistrictQingdaoShandong
SinopecWaiqingsong HwyJiading DistrictShanghaiShanghai
ShanghaiHengyu RdJiading DistrictShanghaiShanghai
Anting888 Moyu S RdJiading DistrictShanghaiShanghai
ShanghaiJingyuan RdJiading DistrictShanghaiShanghai
SinopecHaibo RdJiading DistrictShanghaiShanghai
JinshanBeihe RdFengxian DistrictShanghaiShanghai
ShanghaiShuhui RdSongjiang DistrictShanghaiShanghai
ShanghaiXinye RdQingpu DistrictShanghaiShanghai
ShanghaiBole S RdJiading DistrictShanghaiShanghai
Datong38 Hongqi N St DatongShanxi
DatongWensheng StNanjiaoDatongShanxi
Hydrogen EnergyMeiyuan St YangquanShanxi
MultiW Outer Ring Rd ChangzhiShanxi
DeyangBaihe AlleyJingyang DistrictDeyangSichuan
ChengduXiqu AvePidu DistrictChengduSichuan
Chengdu HuatongTianrun RdPidu DistrictChengduSichuan
Chengdu Toyota23 Shuxi RdJinniu DistrictChengduSichuan
First stationWangcong Middle RdPidu DistrictChengduSichuan
Urumqi Nanhu North Road West 1st AlleyShuimogou QuWulumuqi ShiXinjiang Weiwuerzizhiqu
Hydrogen EnergyG60 Hukun ExpyJiashan CountyJiaxingZhejiang
JiashanTangong N RdJiashan CountyJiaxingZhejiang

News about Hydrogen Filling Stations in china

September 10, 2021.

The 14th five-year plan (2021-2025) ("five-year plan"), which was just launched recently, highlights hydrogen as an industry that China intends to promote. Even assuming that China has already promoted hydrogen technology or roadmaps nationwide, 16 provinces and cities have also issued five-year plans to complement hydrogen, especially the role of hydrogen.

For example, Beijing's five-year plan includes efforts to promote electric and smart cars and encourage the planning and development of hydrogen refueling stations. The goal is to have 2 million new energy vehicles (NEVs) in operation on Beijing's streets by 2025. Beijing can also plan to expand from 5 to 8 world-leading hydrogen companies from 2023, and plans to expand urban areas in the next 4 years. The hydrogen market has grown to as much as 100 billion yuan ($15.4 billion).

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