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Hydrogen Stations in australia in

Hydrogen Stations in australia in

A major initiative of the Hydrogen Society of Australia is The Hydrogen Highway. The Hydrogen Highway describes roads equipped equipped with hydrogen refuelling stations that allow the use of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The Hydrogen Highway in the state of Western Australia will focus on on heavy transport, helping to introduce zero-emission transport, reduce fuel costs and transport, reduce fuel costs and, ultimately, provide a reliable fuel and ultimately a reliable fuel, eliminating the need to import diesel. Phase 1 runs along Interstate 95 from Perth to Port Hedland, connecting the state capital to the Pilbara region. The state capital to the Pilbara region. Subsequent phases will lead to the extension of the Hydrogen Highway across Australia along Highway 1, the world's longest national highway.

This is an opportunity for Australia to become a world leader in new technologies. This view is shared by other leading national organisations: Hydrogen Mobility Australia and the Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy. The natural independence of long-haul vehicles makes Australia an ideal environment to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen powered trucks. Hydrogen powered trucks, and insulation, make us the biggest beneficiaries of sustainable and, more importantly, safe domestic fuel sources that limit dependence on imported diesel.

In Australia there are currently 3 refuelling stations supplying hydrogen for sale to the public, although prior contact is required.

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ActewAGL51 Mildura StFyshwickNEW SOUTH WALES2609
Toyota Hydrogen Center494 Grieve ParadeAltona NorthVICTORIA3025
BOC398 Tingira StPinkenbaQUEENSLAND4008

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