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Almost all of the fuel cell vehicles in the United States are in California. And there are also beginning to occur in other states such as Hawaii, New York or Florida. This is because there is no hydrogen supply network anywhere in the US outside of California and Hawaii. More are in development in the northeastern US and more are expected in the Pacific Northwest.

Most stations source pressurized hydrogen gas, which relies on compressor stations and a network of trucks to get the H2 to filling stations. Many future stations will supply liquid hydrogen, the supply of which is larger and more reliable. As more stations are built, the availability of hydrogen for your fuel cell vehicle obviously increases.

The United States Government says the goal is 200 hydrogen stations in California by 2025. By 2030, a total of 1,000 stations are "anticipated" in the state. Once gas stations are added in other states, the number of fuel cell vehicles will grow across the country. Approximately 80% of hydrogen filling stations now have a capacity of 150 to 200 kilograms of hydrogen. A typical refueling requires perhaps 3 kilograms or a little more. So a typical station can fill between 50 and 67 hydrogen fuel cell cars before running out of H2. As future stations will use liquid rather than gaseous hydrogen, they will have capacities of 500 to 800 kg, or enough for between 167 and 267 cars. Some stations could have a capacity of 1,200 kg, that is, 400 cars.

In December 2023 there were 107 hydrogen refueling stations in the United States, almost all of them in California, although with one open in the state of Hawaii. Likewise, there are projects to open new points of sale on the east coast, especially in New York, Washington and Florida, with New York being where the most advanced projects are located.


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ActewAGL51 Mildura StFyshwick
Toyota Hydrogen Center494 Grieve ParadeAltona North
BOC398 Tingira StPinkenba
BPExport StLytton

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  • February 8, 2023

Wolftank and EnerMech will develop hydrogen stations in Australia and New Zealand. EnerMech has signed a distribution agreement with mobility and energy storage specialist Wolftank Group to bring hydrogen refueling stations to industrial sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

The Australian global integrated solutions company will supply, install, commission and maintain Wolftank's hydrogen refueling stations. Both companies will cooperate to install mobile hydrogen stations in different Australian locations.


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