Hydrogen Stations in tunisia, Map and List

Hydrogen Stations in tunisia in

Hydrogen Stations in tunisia in

Tunisia has experienced growing deficits in its energy balance over the past two decades. over the past two decades. This trend is largely the result of of the increase in energy consumption in all economic sectors, coupled with the decline in hydrocarbon production. This has led to an energy deficit amounting to 50% in 2019 compared to 7% in 2010, leading to a greater country to become more dependent on fossil fuel imports.

Tunisian policymakers, business leaders, and scientists see hydrogen as an important energy carrier for a successful clean energy transition. veer of energy important to the success of the clean energy transition. Many recent studies have application areas for hydrogen, presenting various roadmaps for the large-scale introduction of hydrogen technologies. The large-scale introduction of hydrogen technologies.

Several studies have estimated that with proper development, Tunisia could supply 400 TWh of green hydrogen. However, even if hydrogen production capacities in North African countries viable, this would only cover a portion of German and European demand. German and European demand.

The possibility of expanding a network of hydrogen refueling stations in Tunisia is promising but far from the country's current real possibilities. However, the possibilities for green hydrogen production are interesting for a country dependent on hydrogen imports.

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There are currently no hydrogen fueling stations in tunisia.

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January 26, 2021. The "European Green Deal" is the European Union's roadmap for making the bloc climate neutral by 2050. It explains how the EU intends to turn climate and environmental challenges into opportunities in all policy areas, and how it will ensure that the green transition is fair and inclusive for all. The Green Deal goals include reducing carbon emissions, making industry and transport sustainable, using green technologies to boost the European economy and decoupling economic growth from resource use.

Another important, and explicit, objective of the European Green Deal is to strengthen the EU's global leadership. One way to do this is to establish environmental, energy and climate partnerships with states in the EU's southern neighborhood. In this region, Morocco and Tunisia are two of the countries that have historically had the closest relations with EU member states; each country has already engaged, to a greater or lesser extent, in the green transition, seeking to invest in renewable energy.

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