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Hydrogen Stations in chile in

Hydrogen Stations in chile in

With the publication in November 2020 of the National Green Hydrogen Strategy, Chile clearly positioned itself in favor of the creation of an entire industry dedicated to the production and consumption of hydrogen. The solar and wind sectors are maturing rapidly. maturing at an accelerated pace. In 6 years, Chile has quintupled its generating generation capacity from these sources and it is projected that, by 2030 that, by 2030, up to 70% of its electricity matrix will be renewable. renewable. The growing investment in these energies, as well as in storage and in these energies, as well as in storage and transmission infrastructure, is an unmistakable infrastructure, is an unmistakable sign of a decisive transition to a more sustainable electricity system. to a more sustainable electricity system.

Decarbonization and Chile's Chile's competitiveness in renewable energies opens the the doors to create an economic economic sector that could could match the size of Chile's mining industry in size. If things are done right and on time, the use of green use of green hydrogen in domestic domestic applications will generate an industry an industry ready to compete in to compete in international international export markets. The investment in green hydrogen will be be accompanied by the generation of local local capabilities and will create development development poles throughout our territory. territory.

In the second half of the decade we will see more transportation uses and the beginning of exports. More competitive hydrogen production will displace will displace liquid fuels in ground transportation in new transportation in new applications, such as in mining, and gas fuels such as in mining, and gaseous fuels in distribution networks. in distribution networks. At the same time, there is a clear opportunity for exporting hydrogen and its derivatives to international markets. derivatives to international markets.

Public and private actors in Chile are closely collaborating to develop the collaborating closely to develop green hydrogen in the country. green hydrogen in the country. The state will continue to ensure that the investment and innovation innovation developed produce value in the localities where the projects are where the projects are inserted, and that they represent real real opportunities for capacity building and and national employment, respecting the needs needs, desires and strengths of the territories. territorios. Asimismo, el Estado promoverá las aplicaciones del hidrógeno verde que produzcan co-beneficios locales.

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