Hydrogen Stations in honduras, Map and List

Hydrogen Stations in honduras in

Hydrogen Stations in honduras in

President Joe Biden has announced that one of his first acts will be to return his country to the Paris Agreement, signed by more than 180 nations in which they commit to reduce polluting emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas resulting from the use of fossil fuels. Hence the relevance of analyzing the production of green hydrogen (low emissions), and what obtaining it at a competitive price could cause in the economy of those countries that sustain their finances on oil exports. Thus, in no more than two decades, as the technology to capture sunlight emissions improves, the production and emission of electricity by this means, and also by wind power generation, will make the production of green hydrogen competitively priced and will be able to replace oil. This will not be easy, nor cheap, but everything indicates that we are heading that way.

In two words, the world could become powered by electricity generated by solar and wind power, and a change in the increasing degradation of the environment, since energy produced with hydrogen does not emit any greenhouse gases and is the most abundant chemical element in the universe. Until now, the majority (which is gray) is extracted from fossil fuels by cracking, generating millions of tons of CO2. The rest, which is green (no more than 5%) is obtained by electrolysis, which is a cleaner process when the current comes from renewable sources (sun, wind and water) only that its production is still very expensive.

Whether or not we perceive it, a great technological, territorial and economic competition is being unleashed around the production of this chemical. We cannot forget that the world has bled for access to oil reserves.

For the same reason, it is likely that soon these disputes will move to those countries that have advantages in the capture of solar luminosity, high wind speeds and stormy water crossings. honduras has all these advantages.

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